July 15, 2009

~Welcome to My Home~

Guest Room

Backyard Deck

Front of house


Livingroom and Doggy

Just a few photos of our home full of windows! Our other home was dark with long hallways, windowless entry, and it faced in an awkward position as to let in very little light. When looking for a home this time, I wanted light! Windows everywhere, and with a view. My husband wanted a little more outside space and a more open feeling. We both wanted a smaller home (less to clean) (less space to clutter up). As you can see we are blessed to have our wishes. We have so many windows I can see 360 degrees!! We have sunlight all day coming in!! Now, as for moving into a smaller home, 2 words..Yard Sale!


  1. We've had 2 yard sales...now I want to downsize again...love the pics thanks for sharing

  2. What a beeeeeeeautiful home!!! Love all the windows.
    Looks like it's nice and cozy.

  3. Awww such a beautiful home. Blessings come in so many ways to each of us. Thank you for your support on my blog. It means the world to me Sharon.

    I love how your four legged is always in your pictures. SHe is a cutie pie!

  4. I love Freeway up on the sofa/loveseat; she looks regal up there!

    beautiful house, Sharon; and so tastefully and beautifully decorated!! I love the deck; that would be a great place on summer mornings to read the Bible

    and your wide open fields/grassy areas; that is sooo unheard of, as you know, in pack them as close as you can get Southern California.

    just gorgeous!

    I agree to go smaller; less to clean!

    I'm like you; I like a lot of light and open spaces!

    thanks for sharing!


  5. Your house/home is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like you have spent ages making it look perfect and it really does!

  6. What a beautiful home you have.
    Thanks for sharing
    ~ TIna