July 13, 2009

~Sew Pink!~So Isabella!

My little Italian grandmother used to have beautiful bed dolls, and she would make all of the outfits for them. The dolls had long, flowing satin gowns that draped over the pillows, loaded with lace and trim. I just loved them! Their dresses would cover half of her bed. Do you remember those dolls? They had real hair, and she would remake their tattered bodies when they fell apart, and give them an elegant new dress complete with necklaces and earrings, and lovely hats too. She was so talented and crafty, she really enjoyed sewing. She was very small lady only 4'11" but very feisty and full of fun...she lived to be 102 years old! Bless her heart, she lived in her own little house until she was 99. What a wonderful character she was!
Yesterday, I decided to give my own baby doll a makeover! My mom gave me this doll some years ago, and I have used her as a model for my baby quilts. I made this dress out of one of my favorite fabrics-Isabella (Laura Ashley) and a petite apron with a big bow tie and pink crochet lace. I'm very sure that when she awakens....she will love it too! (smile) It was a fun day~I have missed the excitement and satisfaction of creating something beautiful. Happy Monday!!



  1. I don't remember having a "bed doll"...but, i do remember my Shirley Temple....i was afraid to touch her....didn't want to get her dirty...

    She's beautiful....you did a great job....!!


  2. To this day this is one of my favorite fabrics. Highly underrated in my opinion. She looks beautiful in her dress, truly. I have one that has a christening gown on it really makes the doll! I have two others that are currently undressed. In time i'll get to them. You did a wonderful job Sharon.

  3. Sharon, you did a marvelous job of dressing her up. Beautiful fabric & creation. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. I do remember one of my aunt's must have had a bed doll, because I remember being at her house and seeing the doll on the bed and it was as you described, with a long flowing gown. I remember too that we could not play with her.

    Isabella is so very adorable! I love how you spruced her up, Sharon! you are truly so creative!


  5. I never had one of those lovely dolls but did see them on others beds. What a nice touch to dress your doll so beautifully. Nice memories of your grandmother too.

  6. So lovely, Sharon. I would LOVE to have seen the dolls from your Italian Gramma. I remember seeing them in one of my great Aunt's house when we visited. WE weren't allowed to touch them...

    I especially love the fabric you chose for your dolly...gorgeous.


  7. Sharon, how could I have not known you had all these talents? You truly have a very creative mind and I am so happy that you are sharing them with everyone.

    I had an aunt who would crochet all kinds of things and she did a few of the bed doll dresses, but this is the first one I have seen in such lovely fabric. All I can say is...WOW. ;-)

  8. Dear Sharon ~~ Your doll looks very
    lovely in her new outfit and the fabric is beautiful. Well done.
    Your grandmother sounds wonderful
    and I guess you got some of her talents. I have one red and white dressed doll on my spare bed and it is so nice and was given me by a dear aunt many years ago.
    Thank you for your very kind words on my blog and I am so glad you enjoy it. That garden picture was
    great wasn't it. Maybe if they have a good water pressure, that would be far easier than using a
    ladder. Take care, Love, Merle.