December 18, 2008

~An Amazing Artist Spotlight Featuring Kathy's ScrapArt!!

Friends, in the Spirit of the Christmas Holiday I just had to share with you this AMAZING Christmas card I received in the mail yesterday! As some of you know, my dear, lifelong friend Kathy (artist/photographer) came to visit in October, and we celebrated 50 years of friendship! It was such a Blessing! Freeway (the doggy) thought so too! One morning as Kathy was having breakfast, before we took off for a day of fall photography, Freeway came up and rested her head on Kathy's (denim) leg, to make sure that Kathy didn't forget her if there were any crumbs left. *smiles* Laughing, Kathy snapped a photo of the Adorable Spoiled/Poor doggy begging ritual.
So you can imagine the surprise I felt when I opened up this Wonderful Christmas card! I was so in awe of this Fabulous rendering of Freeway! Kathy was able to capture not only a perfect depiction of the doggy...but the purpose and emotion that Freeway was trying so hard to convey! "Please, please won't you give me just one tiny scrap of food?" Aren't those eyes just Amazing? You can tell that Kathy is a very playful, intuitive lady, and that she is an animal lover! She is also Blessed with an Artist's eye for beauty and detail; and the sensitivity of a butterfly's wing. I will cherish this Christmas card (which will soon be framed and hanging on my wall :-), forever! Thank you dear friend, Mike and I just love this work of Art! Blessings~


  1. What a fabulous card! How thoughtful of your friend to draw your doggy for you.

  2. How thoughtful.. 50 years of friendship. Shows that you are a good friend to have. When I make friends I make them for a life time too.. and that card is wonderfull. It would make a great wall hanging.

  3. beautiful! she's so talented!!! I'm in awe you have a friendship for those many years; that is awesome