November 24, 2008

A Poodle For Christmas!!!!

When I saw this fabric, it brought to mind the funniest memory of a poodle my mom got when I was a young girl. He was a rescue give you an idea, his name was "Pepe Le Retardu!" No kidding! My mom was not really a dog lover (then), but she just loved poodles, and her experience with them had been so delightful, she wanted one for our family. A cute, sweet adorable poodle!! Well....Pepe had other plans!! This dog was the most unsociable animal I've ever encountered! He only liked my dad, let me put it another way, he worshipped my dad. As far as Pepe knew, the Good Lord put my dad on this earth for him! If that dog was in another room, down the long hallway in a bedroom, sound asleep...he could hear our footsteps as we approached my dad for a hug. Off the bed and into the hallway in one gigantic leap, barreling down the hall, hitting the living room door, and up into my dads arms growing at us fiercely, before we could take four steps to get to pops!! It was like he knew what we were thinking!! My dad always went to bed early (with Pepe of course following him closely), my mom coming along after all the chores were done. As soon as she crossed the threshold of the bedroom...GRRRRRR...Bark, Bark, Snapping, Showing teeth!!! Bless her heart...he scared her to death! And me too if I went in there! He was just a mess, poor Pepe. Eventually my mom would take a broom to bed with her and as she walked through the doorway, she'd just start swinging!! I'm sure she never hit him, but boy oh boy, when he saw that broom coming he'd just jump off the bed and run underneath!! I guess the whole broom thing worked out well..not much barking and growling at bedtime, and thankfull sweet peace prevailed! Here's to Pepe Le Retardu!


  1. Poor Pepe! makes you wonder about his growing up days before your family took him in; maybe he had fears of ladies?? your poor mom for having to endure that growling and treatment; wise for her to get the broom after him. your quilt is cute!! Koda wonders why it isn't a corgi though :)

    enjoy your day


  2. beautiful quilt Sharon;) That is a funny story about Pepe, but I am sure it wasnt to you or poor mom at the time.

  3. Hi. Thanks for the comment. I got a NikonD40 - it is a Christmas present...but my hubby said I have to learn how to use it before Christmas morning (yea)! I am preparing a blog keep in touch. Happy Thanksgiving!