December 4, 2008

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way!!!!

Happy Holidays Friends! This is my Sweet Pal Freeway! She's licking her face because she knows that as soon as the camera clicks.....she gets a mouth-watering homemade doggy treat!! This little girl has been such a Blessing to me! She's a rescue doggy, and I really can't imagine what it was like...before she arrived. She's 9 years old now, we got her from a rescue shelter as a wee pup! She is so smart and has such a large vocabulary! She is well loved, and very very spoiled. When we have visitors, she is the first to greet them, because of course, they came to see her! :-) She sleeps on our bed, and keeps me awake at night, she's very serious about play time, and always needs to know where everyone in the house is & what they're doing. And she's very protective of her dog mom & dad. She's delightfully sweet and lovable. We are so Blessed to have this little Treasure in our home. As soon as we put our Christmas Tree up...she's snooping around to find something under the tree just for her, when she smells something good, she paws at it until it's in the middle of the livingroom floor. Then she just stands there grunting & stomping her feet impatiently as if to say, "Hey, I found it! Can I open it now???" Too funny! And she does open them herself!! It takes her awhile, and it is Oh So Hilarious! She's always so Proud when she finally gets her toy! I'll take some pictures of her this Christmas and post them for you. Priceless!


  1. Sharon, she looks so lovely. I have a golden named Samantha and a little schnoodle named Cocoa. They are such a joy. I have two teen daughters and Nora Ephram says when you have teens in the house, you need to go get a dog so that someone is happy to see you! I love that quote, so true. And so true that our dogs are always happy to see us.


  2. cute doggie. mine (in the uk with dad) gets spoilt so much. i sent her 6 squeek toys! the cat got a nice snuggle tunnel

  3. What a cute pup! Love the hat! I bet it's fun to see her unwrap her gifts. I may have to get a pup when the kids leave home.

  4. AWW,,, gotta love them.. The picture is cute.. Give her an extra treat for being so pretty.

  5. she's so cute and smart!!! she would give Koda a run for his money!! is she a bed hog?? so neat you rescued her those years ago!!

    can't wait to see the Christmas pictures :)


  6. OH, my boy loved this. He is going to have a gs someday...(when he's out of the house!)Your dog is TOO cute.