November 17, 2008

...A Little About Organization...

Whoa! Have a look at this organized grouping! I don't know why it is that I cannot keep my sewing room together! It's maddening! It seems that I am Always cleaning, rearranging, putting stuff in neat little stacks, which by the way, I can never find afterward. My sewing cabinets are stuffed to the brim with the most gorgeous fabric on the market today, yet I can never find that one particular piece that I need to use right now! (smiles)
It won't be long until organization resumes in my mom will soon be here to visit! She is the BEST at organizing things!! She comes a couple of times a year for visits, and always helps me with my quilts, cutting them out, putting fabrics together beautifully, and even cooks dinner while I sew!! But even more importantly...she organizes my fabric! Mom!! Where are you?? Help!!!!!
Have a look at my lace! This is actually a tiny portion of lace that I have carefully gathered for many years. (the rest is lost in the fabric cabinets) In fact, this is just lace I've used in the last couple of months for different projects, and left on my pastry stand! (laughing) Can you see the pastry stand? No way! I was looking for it the other day to display some cupcakes I made...tore the entire kitchen and pantry apart looking for it! Today while I was opening the drapes in my sewing room, my eye caught the foot of the pastry stand, and believe it or not....I recognized it for what it was! Alas, the cupcakes are gone...But I Found My Pastry Stand!!!! It's a GREAT DAY!! Hugs~


  1. what a cute entry, Sharon; and so glad your mom will be visiting soon to see you and to help organize things; I bet you are looking forward to the visit!!! and glad you found your pastry stand!!!

    (thanks for your kind comments; I would always want to follow your journal because I think you are an extra special person and so talented; I love seeing your creations :)


  2. great post. i don't have much space here so i try to keep organised although it doesn't always stay like that.

    I've used part of your blog post as a tag line on my header:

    is that okay?

  3. no i was lazy. the background is from:

  4. That is beautiful...
    Hi there~
    I wanted to come by and thank your for visiting my blog and wishing me a Happy day! Thanks for entering my giveaway and I do hope to visit with you soon.