December 17, 2008

~Colleen's Elegant Handcrafted Ornaments~

After several busy days away from you....I"M BACK! Saturday my mom arrived at O'hare Airport from Dallas Texas! What a splendid day! My husband & I drove into the city without snow & ice to hamper our day. Truly a miracle! Sunday mom, my husband & I spent the entire day and well into the evening putting up Christmas decorations! Where do they all come from?? So...with Christmas up and running :-), Monday, we finished our shopping, got everything wrapped and under the tree, and the rest of the packages sent out in the mail! Time for a rest?...not quite. Yesterday we were blessed with 5 inches of snow!!! So...I shoveled snow, and mom made muffins! Warm muffins with melted butter, just the perfect treat for a frozen snow shoveler!! I mentioned in a recent post that my mom made most of my Christmas Ornaments. This morning I took some pictures for you. These little ornaments are truly an expression of love...just look at the detail, and imagine the time involved in each magnificent creation! And she says she is Not an Artist!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I think she is a Wonderful Artist!! What do you think?? Blessings Friends~


  1. What fabulous ornaments!!! They are all gorgeous. And yes, I'd consider your mom an artist. :)
    Have a great day!

  2. I'd call her an artist. my mom's the same saying she's not creative but she managed to complete her Christmas tree and some Christmas cards.
    Those decorations are wonderful!

  3. The ice scates and the aqua doll are my favorite. Nice you have family to help you with decorations.

  4. your mom is an artist for sure! so very talented she is!!

    my mom made a lot of ornaments like this too

    these you shared with us are all so beautiful

    so glad you are enjoying your time with her and even got some snow!! snow around Christmas is always nice

    snow in January gets a little tiring......