November 19, 2008

~Vintage Figurines~

Nothing brings me back to the memories of childhood like vintage figurines! I can recall looking at these fabulous treasures with a twinkle in my eye, and a childs imagination that could take off like a sky rocket at a moments notice! I would have looked at Soda Pop here, and thought how soft and cute she is! I would have loved the little pompadour on top of her head, and kissed here little pink cheeks! Then I would have gazed into her perky little eyes and smiled because she looks like she's ready to play. Yes, I can imagine that I would have loved her, and wished that I had a real pony that looked just like Soda Pop! Just maybe..."Hey mom and dad, do you know what I want for Christmas more than ANYTHING in the WORLD?" "We could keep her in the backyard!" Seeing the world through a childs' eye is a most Awe inspiring experience. Seeing Christmas through a childs' eye.....Priceless!


  1. its cute! Christmas is different seen through a child's eye, isn't it? always so fun to watch their excitement; like going to Disneyland with a young child; everything is so new and exciting for them

    cute entry Sharon :)

    enjoy Thursday


  2. cute little pony. i had (it's in storage in uk) a little angel (or a little kid) holding a candel which played the music silent night. i still like getting out every year. (apart from this year).

    and this will be the first year in ages that we haven't had our singing and moving Christmas Homer Simpson!!!!

  3. What a precious Soda Pop! I do miss the magical moments we experienced as children, but occasionally some of them come flooding back. Very well written story!