November 1, 2008

Happy day after Halloween! Okay here's the wonderful~helpful husband bought several BIG bags of Chocolate Candy a week ago, so I'm thinking...okay, Halloween is taken care of. NOT! We ate every single piece of chocolate in those humongous bags!! Oh my gosh! It's truly been a sweet week here..and a fast one too! :-) So yesterday, I ran up to the store and bought 5 bags of candy (not chocolate though), and was all ready to pass it out....7 kids showed up! That's right 7 tiny little children came to the door trick or treating! What???? We usually have about 60 or 70 kids...7???So here it is, the day after Halloween and my Wonderful Husband & I are hangin' out, eating candy! I'm not even going near a scale for a month!! Ha!! Seven kids...I can't believe it...wait till next year! Think they'd like year old candy? (as if it would last around this house for a year.) Here's hoping that you were all long on treats...and short on tricks!! Blessings~

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  1. LOL; how funny!!! we got our candy Thursday night just in case someone came by Friday (we were going to help at our church's carnival but didn't know if kids came early); I did eat the bag of chocolate bars; we do have some M&Ms left

    interesting only 7 trick or treaters! I know the kids at the church carnival that I talked to said they weren't planning to go out; maybe people are getting smarter and wiser and going to church sponsored places; safer and they get tons of candy :)