November 18, 2008

~Pink Chenille Patchwork Scarf~

~It's Crisp, Clean and Oh So Cold Outside!! But...the sun is shining and God is Good!! In honor of this first really, really cold day I made a Soft Pink Chenille Scarf with Vintage Hand Crochet Trim. Is it Warm you say?? Not in the least bit! But just look how sweet it is!! A Darling Pink Rose to accentuate the Snowy White Cabin Crafts Chenille! Sometimes it's just FUN to be Playful & Impractical isn't it? The older I get...the more I like pink! And at this Wonderfully Sweet time in my life...I'm totally in Love with it :-) What is that anyway? I meet more women my age that just cannot get enough pink in their lives. I've sold so many Shabby Pink Rag Quilts to ladies of a certain age, (smiles) that I can't even count anymore! Could it be.......menopink!!!??? Oh well, whatever, I need to run out and get a Darling Pink Hat!!! Blessings~


  1. lol
    i've always been drawn to pink. but i am the baby of the family and only girl.

  2. so cute! and I love that "menopink"; you got a great word there!!!

    stay warm :)