November 6, 2008

What a Blessing!

I'd like to share this wonderful life story with you! I grew up in San Diego, California. When I was 3 years old I met a Sweet, Shy Little 3 year old named Kathy. We became friends immediately! We were inseparable throughout our youth, as our homes were just 3 houses apart. This year is our 50th Anniversary of Friendship! My, where has the time gone? She came to Illinois to visit a few weeks ago, and we celebrated our Friendship together. We hiked, and shopped (of course), we enjoyed wonderful meals together, and we made two rag quilts while she was here. One for her Adorable granddaughter Alyssa, and one for her baby grandson who will be born in February.
It is so special how two lifelong friends, who don't see each other often, can come together and pick up right where they left off! It is almost as though time isn't a factor! I think that must be one of the miracles of friendship. We are 50 years older, but I don't see Kathy as getting older, I see her as a timeless beauty, on the outside as well as the inside. This little picture is Kathy's granddaughter holding the quilt that her grandmother and I made especially for her during that visit. It was made with 100 years of love (50 from Kathy; 50 from myself). Her daughter sent this picture to me just a few minutes ago, and I just couldn't wait to share it with you. She is a Precious little Beauty, isn't she? So much like her dear grandmother, they have the same soulful eyes. And I must say, she is a little like me too! She LOVES Pink!! I wish you the miracle of friendship, and laughter and lots of love. Blessings~


  1. How very sweet! You are such a lucky person to have a good friend for most of your life. Cherish it!

  2. Thanks, Sharon, for the comment on my blog. I don't even know what my bird pattern is called. I got it out of a craft magazine a couple years ago. I was going to make stuffed bird ornaments to give for Christmas. I guess I may not be doing that. LOL Oh well at least I'm getting my craft room cleaned up just looking for the darn thing.
    Have a great day!

  3. what a beautiful story of friendship and an adorable little girl with a quilt of love! thanks for sharing it with us :)


  4. What precious gifts - lifelong friendship, a gorgeous quilt, and beautiful grandchildren!

  5. A good friend is one that can keep friends. I think you must be very special to have a friend for that long..
    also ... thank you so much for saying my pictures are Spectacular... I am humbled ..wowo i will tell my kids that ... Blogging has taught me a lot.