August 27, 2009

~Bwana Vicki & Crazy Mike~

Yawning peacefully before the gator story.
My dearest, sweet friend Vicki sent me these pictures! Isn't she just too funny! Everytime I look at these pictures I just have to laugh. Vicki is THE ONE and only person that I know who embraces aging, and does it so well. She has always been an old soul, and is just growing into her season. Isn't that marvelous! What a wonderful attitude! She is on the left, her brother Mike ("doesn't everyone have a brother named Mike?"), is on the right. She was visiting him in Florida and he talked her into a trekk down a river bird watching. It was only AFTER they were canoeing that Mike told her the gators were everywhere down this river. She doesn't really know if there were gators there as she didn't actually see one, but she was terrified the entire time! And that's the story of Crazy Mike and his adventurous sis Bwana Vicki.


  1. I'd have been outta that boat in a flash! Cute ... TTFN ~ Marydon

    PS I tell everyone ~
    My body says I am 97, my mind says I am 27 & I am just a young 66, chuckle!

  2. oh my!! at first I thought it was just some pictures that people sent you of a funny adventure, but then I realized as I read that you knew the people involved. So glad they were safe from the gators, but such a cute story :)


  3. sweet story... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dear Sharon ~~ Your friends Vicki and Crazy Mike would have no protection in a low boat like that,so I expect he may have been teasing her, which is what brothers do.
    Thank you so much for your comments
    about the picture of my Mother and 2 of her sisters and I am supposed to look like the middle aunt. Mum had 2 brothers and 7 sisters. My Grandma used to say "Ten of them, and not a dud among them."
    Thanks for thinking of me, I am feeling back to my old (very old)
    self again after all my breakdowns
    computer, light, printer and phones
    and the fall amongst all that.
    All repaired or replaced no and I am fine. Thank you dear Sharon for being a sweet caring friend. Take
    care, Love, Merle.

  5. Oh my goodness... that is just like a brother!

  6. Love this story and the way you presented it. OOOh to embrace the golden that is a real trick...I want some of that.
    Kindest thoughts,

  7. Dear Sharon ~~ Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the jokes - Burger King !!
    I am so sorry your computer went kaput and glad you have it back. I miss mine dreadfully when it acts up.
    My visitors will reschedule, so no great harm. I have missed you too my friend and am glad to see you back. Take good care of yourself.
    Love, Merle.

  8. Sharon thank you so much for the great comment it really made my day! Thanks for the prayers we can use them. I loved your wording it gave me great comfort. Thank you dear friend.
    Well the boating looks like fun! I must go and investigate to see who is sinking?