August 6, 2009

~...Is It Just Me Or....~

I was out in the backyard watering this morning, as I do every morning, and checking on my little garden toad..yes, it's a real toad, the one creature on this planet that my dog actually likes!! She always beats me to the toad house and with one BIG SNIFF, and the look on her face (of course) I can tell if "Toady Fields" is home. She is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day as when I first spotted her in April, she was just a youngster. Toady has become like another pet really, and this is true with the wild birds, (which I feed everyday, to the consternation of my patient hubby). Here's my question: Is it just me, or do you feel the compulsion to feed every creature that crosses your path?? I was contemplating this as I was wondering what to feed the toad today...WHAT???? I think I may have too much time on my hands...
P.S. She wasn't home anyway!


  1. Yes....yes..yes!!!
    I'm buying dog food, cat food, wild bird seed, apples and corn for the deer, carrots for the bunnies...and now!!! Groundhogs!! What do you feed a groundhog??!!

    Enjoy and thanks for the tag!!

  2. I do!!! But then I live in a small cottage of 1040 sq ft with two cats, one of which thinks he's a dog and 3 dogs. I can't have birds or I would have more.

    I think God's creatures were put her to keep us honest, loving & compassionate toward one another. I believe they bring us joy & health benefits.

    Good for you feeding them all!!

  3. LOL, Sharon; what a dear lady you are to be concerned about all the Lord's creations and creatures. How cute to have a toad as a pet and that Freeway likes her?? too. I tend to feed the teenage 2-legged ones more than the furry pets or other animals, but it just shows what a compassionate kind-hearted woman you are to be concerned about these animals :)


  4. lol...she one lucky toad...I never feel the urge to feed what is "wild" here in SWFl...too scary!

  5. That's what we sagateriuns do,I was born in 1956 and I feed all animals great and small. Mainly small!! LOL I knew we had a sister in each other. My sister was born in 1953 were from WA. I knew you were an old soul like me!! Wow isn't that cool? Thanks for the nice comments you always stop by at just the right time. God Bless, Pearl

  6. I too am like this! I actually said no to a kitten today that someone didn't want. This is rare for me, as I want to take care of everything!