August 24, 2009

~....Cupcakes From Scratch!!!!!~

Yesterday was a quiet day, very peaceful and relaxing. I watched a movie, played with the doggy and worked on a new rag rug. Then I really got creative! I found a new recipe from that GREAT site Mennonite Girls Can Cook for Pineapple Cupcakes...I must confess, I am the world's worst baker! Even store bought cookie dough that you slice and heat don't come out for me. Hubby usually does all of the baking around here. He makes wonderful fudge, and an "Out of this world" apple pie. Blonde brownies are his trademark. Anyway, before I begin salivating...I decided to bake these cupcakes as a surprise for my prince charming when he got home. They are baked from scratch, AND they came out Delicious!! Light..fluffy, and I just love that cream cheese frosting. With bits of crushed pineapple, very refreshing! Hubby was so surprised!!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful summertime dessert for sure

  2. they sound scrumptious and look delicious!!!


  3. Oh! My mouth is watering. They look delicious!

  4. Yummy Cupcakes! Send me one?! :) The little girl singing on your blog just made me smile and it's just to darn cute! It made me think of my Grandkids. They would love it. I'll have to play it for them and we will sing it together. Your site is lovely as always Sharon and I haven't written enough to you. Thanks for the lovely comments. God Bless you! Pearl

  5. they look yummmyy.. going to check out the sight too.