August 10, 2009

~Nature's Fury~Calm, Damp Aftermath~

Yesterday it rained so hard that I could barely see these trees in the front yard! Bent and swaying in the gale force winds, I was sure that one of them would go down. Thunder rolled, with such might, that in the house you could feel the vibration under your feet, like an earthquake. Lightning bolts Cracked, dancing across the sky like giant double jointed stick men, one after another heading east with a pole vaulters stride. Pea sized hail loudly tap tapped against the window panes, covering the ground in white.
Every once in a while the storm would subside giving a brief respite from the noise and it was during this time that I felt safe to look out of the windows and assess the damage. As I did, in a flash, a doe and twin fawns ran right passed my window and into the backyard. I stood watching them for several minutes in awe and wonder. How beautiful they are! The doe was quite nervous, the fawns seemed calmer, but alert to where mama was at all times. They stood around, as the doe looked for a safe harbor, and I realized that I had only moments to take a picture before they would be gone. Our house is full of windows, and the doe spotted me as I ducked down to try to sneak into the other room to retrieve my camera...Off they went, quicker than the blink of an eye into the corn! All of the day long I was grateful to have witnessed this incredibly beautiful scene, the doe and her freckled little baby's.
Today is calm and dewy, the grass is greener and it is much cooler. The flowers and plants that were flattened by the hail and rain are beginning to stand up tall again, thankful for the bath. Well friends, have a safe and blessed week~


  1. Heck, I would be scared stuck outside with my babies, lightning & thunder..and awesome for her to share a moment with ya!

  2. those were all great pictures of your storm, Sharon; what a wonderful gift from the Lord for you to see the mama and her fawns! I bet it was such an incredibe thing to see!

    glad the storm is over until the next one hits; hoping you have a good day :)


  3. I love to watch the storms moving up the valley and hear the thunder echo off the mountains.....Natural Entertainment!!!


  4. Dear Sharon ~~ I love the pictures and that is a most unusual tree in the first one. Do you know what it is. Glad the storm didn't do too much damage. Lovely to see the doe and her baby and hope they found a safe place to shelter.

    Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the jokes, I was a bit hesitant with the sheep joke. I love your "medicine for the soul"
    phrase - thank you my friend.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  5. Thank you for popping over & joining us in prayer for Amy Dawn. It was not a good night for her.

    Y'all sure have been having some heavy storms pass thru the midwesst. We had a 'nice' storm pass thru, but the nasty storms make me very nervous.

    ... the deer & babies just adds that a touch of peace & beauty to it all, doesn't it. I could watch deer all the time. Yesterday just going down the road we had a whole herd of deer cross in front of us ... I had to stop & take in their beauty.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. I thought I commented on this, but I guess I didn't. These are wonderful pics and your words are descriptive I feel like I am there with you as I read. Love, love, love your froggie!

  7. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I truely appreciate your wonderful comment.