August 8, 2009

~.Happy Birthday to Me!!....Now Leeme Lone....

Happy Birthday Freeway!! 10 years young and going strong....well, pretty strong anyway..A little gray perhaps, but hey, aren't we all?? This little doggy came to us as a rescue dog. As a puppy, she and 2 other siblings were driven all over our small town and dumped, each in a different spot, on the side of the road. Some kind hearted animal lovers picked them up and took them to a no-kill shelter called Happy Tails.

I had wanted a dog for so long, not having had one since I was a child. So one day my ever indulgent hubby & I went to Happy Tails to find the perfect doggy. There were so many abandoned animals there, it was truly heartbreaking. We settled on an adorable male cocker-for was love at first sight. He was lovable and fun, about 2 years old. The previous owner had passed away and he needed love and attention.

At the time, my husband was out of town from Monday-Friday, only home on weekends. We picked up Pepper on a Saturday. I had a wonderful week with this darling doggy, walking and taking him for rides. It was so fun!! However, the next Friday when my hubby came home, Pickles wasn't very happy to see fact, Pickles would have preferred that my husband didn't come home at all!! So....he bit him! We thought maybe he was just nervous having another person in the home. The next day, my husband noticed the back of the couch..."What's this?" Pickles had pottied on the couch in several places. Yikes!! Well, poor Pickles had to go! I cried..

Getting back to the birthday girl....the next weekend Happy Tails called and told us about Freeway. Well we hurried down there, and here was the cutest, tiniest puppy I had ever seen! Nervous, jumpy, full of play, got right in my lap....and conked out! So...we brought her home. She hadn't even eaten solid food yet!

My husband & I love this little girl! And here she is 10 years later...a bit more grumpy, hates her picture taken, not too fond of animals...because of course she thinks she is human (according to my hubby), wants to sleep on the bed..with a PILLOW, and believes that every night when I make dinner...I'm really cooking for her!

So Happy 70th ?? Birthday my Sweet Ol' Girl!! Live on in Good Health!!


  1. Deya Fweeeway,
    Dis iz budzy. Momo Toe me u haz a birfda. I sings happy biwrfday but I no can breave dat lowng to sing you c i haz a wittle snout. Sumbunny mushed it whnz i wuz bornd. But yu no's uz crawzy dawgs.. i tells u happys bifda'a okays. so.. happy birda 2 u, happy birda 2 u, hold on a minut... gotz to breeve again. okay happy birfda to FREEEEWAAAAAY... happy bifda to u.

    Luvs, budzy (momo say it's bugzy but i don't matta right) Oh howld on... matilda and sasa (sadie-mae) wanna tawk now..

    Deya Freeway,
    Budzy spells funny. Hehe Momo say you hav speshal birda. You 10 yeyeas young. WOW and a foreva home too. That is wat we want to. mommo and popo sayz we are gud girwls so I think it be otay now. Maybe when we hav r 10 year birday you can come to it. Well momo say maybe on puter. I don't know we shaya cake datta way but otay what she say.
    Happy Bifday Freeway... tell momo she has do whateva you want today... wak 10 miles, go git icecreem, eat turkey (steak is too much you think) samwiches, bewly wubs all day. No toenales, no baths, not nitenite inda crwates. All gudd things todday for freeway!!!!!

    Hugs to you from
    Matilly-willy (momo call me dat when she happy) and Sae-sae mae-mae (dat what da momo call me when her mouth goes happy-it's okay cos i get pet on head twu).

    We all neek up on do puter agen anudder day.. Shsssh... i need to go now

  2. How fortunate you were to find the 'babies' & what blessings you have given to one another. We receive all our pets from the shelters also. Such loyal & faithful forever friends. I know a special birthday is being had in your home. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. What a great post for your "Freeway".....all of the 3M's were rescues also....Don't know when Max or Miss Kitty's BD are so we celebrate all 3 on Mias's BD...July 31st!!!

    Enjoy your birthday Freeway!!!

  4. P.S. I like you new header banner.. very pretty.

  5. Happy Birthday Freeway! I'm so glad your "mom" and "pop" found you and brought you home! I am sure you have provided them both with love and companionship over these years! and I must ask, are you part corgi?? Koda does all those exact things too, (and I know you shed too :)

    wishing you lots more good years with your family!


  6. Dear Sharon ~~ I am sure you saw to it that Freeway had a great birthday. She has a lovely face and I am quite sure she gives and receives love.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Glad you enjoyed the jokes etc. I hope you got your new pillows made You keep busy. You sound like a very kind and sweet lady.

    I love the yard now without the huge trees. My washing got nice and dry and it is so light and bright. Take care, my friend.
    Love, Merle.

  7. What a sweet girl! Happy birthday Freeway and many more!

  8. Sending Happy Birthday wishes {via tail wags and licks} to you, Freeway, from Charlie and Sammy here in Michigan!

  9. Happy Birthday Freeway.. i am sure you make the whole family happy,