August 25, 2009

~When the Scrap Basket is Full...Go Raggin'!~

Good Morning All! As I was packing up my sewing room for this move, I found that I had so many scraps of fabric that were way to small to use for quilts or pillows...but big enough to keep! Oh yes, I'm a fabric hoarder! (wink) I organized all of the scraps into a big basket that my dear friend Vicki made for me. Everytime I make something and have little cuttings of fabric leftover..into the basket they go! When the basket is chock-full, it's time to make a rag rug! This rag rug will be tied and locker hooked with a pretty pink & white carnation in the middle. I love rugs, and it is so hard to find pretty, rugs that don't cost a fortune. This is a wonderful craft to use up scraps and create something unique, excersise old Arthur, and easy to do while watching a good movie!
What do you do with your scrappy's?


  1. G'morn, sweetie! What a darling creation. Anxious to see when you are done.

    I have seen the lollipop feedsack print before, never in person & thrilled to now own one.

    Have a great week. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Ohhhhhhh looks like it will be gorgeous!!!! Do you use a latch hook or just tie knots? Where do you get your canvas? I've been looking all over for some. I have tons of yarn that I should make a rug out of since I can't crochet any more.
    Have a great day!

  3. hehe I've been saving my scraps for just this purpose and for a wreath. How big are you making yours?

    Be sure to share when done.

  4. love the lil rug you made...thx for your're right us 'sisters' have to stay together!

  5. Sharon, Your rug pillow is beautiful! And your blog is looking so lovely, too! Hope your summer has been happy and busy...Kathy

  6. Your cute, Sharon ~ Tell hubby I live in Australia!! Chuckle ... enjoy. TTFN ~Marydon

  7. This rag rug is going to be gorgeous, I always like the materials you pick out. I kinda think we like pink!