February 27, 2009

~Spring Cleaning A Little Early~Once Again!!!

Hello Friends! I've been MIA from all of my internet activities this week! On Monday, my husband called and said, "Guess where we're going?" Well, of course I'm thinking a long vacation to the Bahamas or something equally as romantic and enticing~A getaway to somewhere warm and sandy? Not! He said, "We're moving to Marshalltown, IA!! Instant visions of chaos popped into my mind__Cleaning closets, painting rooms, packing, real estate buyers poppinig in and out all day (hopefully :-) And oh my gosh, what a whirlwind! I have been so intensely absorbed in getting everything ready that I have let my poor blog go....This will be a bittersweet move, as I love my gardens and my home here, and most importantly my wonderful neighbors. It has been such a pleasure to live in a small town, although Marshalltown is about the same size as Sterling where I live now. It will be a change nevertheless. In these times of financial chaos, my husband & I feel so very fortunate that he has a great job, so....onward marching we go!
We will have a real estate lady out tomorrow morning to list our house, and my husband will start his new job on Monday.
I will try to post my adventure in moving, you see I am trying to think of all this as an adventure...(smile) Moving is fun....Right???
Well, gotta go get back to work!!! Enough sitting....Bless you all.


  1. OH MY GOSH! You're moving? Did you even have a clue? I'm so excited for you!

    Do share the details my friend. Been missing you!

    xo Rebecca

  2. Oh my! Moving? It's a lot of work, but it's good to get everything cleaned out and organized. Hey, you're moving closer to me. We should plan a meeting for sometime in the future.
    Don't work too hard and let us know how everything's going.
    (((hugs))) Joni

  3. (((Sharon))) how exciting!!! good luck with all the details of it!!!

    I've moved 10 times in the past 20 years......its always an adventure I'm glad to have over

    hugs to you!! can't wait to hear whatever you want to share


  4. Moving is an adventure! I love it, I haven't moved much but when I did and got to my new destination it was a blank canvas in my eyes. The new gardens the new old house waiting for my decorating. I just took my time unpacking and enjoyed the newness of it all. Good Luck and have fun!

  5. You've been tagged. http://pnkgeeni.blogspot.com/2009/03/photo-challenge-1.html

  6. IT all looks pretty. Your creations are lovely.