February 6, 2009

" Sunset Ruana~The Colors of Winter"

The inspiration for the colors of
the Ruana came from a photo I took of the
backyard on a Cold January night.
January is quite a long month here
in the Midwest. Cold, cold and more
cold......Waiting for signs of

Brrrrr! It was below 0 and stayed that way for so long. I grew so tired of white snow, dark bare trees, and I decided to turn bleak into beauty! The colors of the sunset in my picture above became the the colors of my Ruana. The spectrum of winter in the Midwest~I call it "Sunset Ruana."

This shawl is made from a Wonderful pattern in a book by Cheryl Oberle, titled, "Folk Shawls" There are the most beautiful shawls from around the world in this book. The Ruana has its roots in South America & Mexico. Thank You Ms. Oberle for a Lovely pattern!


  1. Sharon, I've never heard of a Ruana before but I'm blown away by the gorgeousness! And you MADE it! Knock me over with a feather, you are quite a talent. :o)

  2. Sharon! That is gorgeous! I love those colors. Good job. It looks nice and cozy.


  3. Sharon,
    I adore these colors together. What a beautiful job, you create gorgeous things.

  4. How beautiful! The colors are just wonderful!

  5. Oh, that's just gorgeous! I love the colors.