February 2, 2009

~A Little About Friendship~

When I wake up in the morning, my first thoughts are to thank the Lord for this new day, (this time of the year, I am also thanking Him for Spring which is around the corner...), the second thing that pops into my mind is my schedule: 1. Brush teeth 2. Get on the dreaded treadmill 3. Set out projects that need completing 4. Packages ready to post 5. List new items on Ebay & Lollishops, etc....
This morning in my daily devotional (which was supposed to be read last night!), I saw a sentence that leapt off of the page, you know the kind of lesson that is meant Just For You? It read, "God has not designed us to live like hermits in a cave." Wow!! I'm a hermit!! I really am! I wondered how many women like myself, with home-based businesses are home working in their shop day after day, (loving every minute of it), but perhaps missing a little something..Hmmmm. Companionship of the REAL kind!! :-) Not a computer, not a blog or a television set but real companionship? Ever on a schedule, I decided to think about that tomorrow, and finish a project today.
And as I put the finishing touches my latest rag quilt, I thought how beautiful the colors blend, how nicely the squares all fit together, their closeness creating the texture and dimension to the quilt. I contemplated how each and every square added a uniqueness to the whole piece. And then, my mind wandered back to the passage I read this morning....
"That is why... the body of Christ is so very important, for it is there that we are drawn together in love and mutual encouragement. We were meant to be part of one anothers lives." So today, I will wander out of my cave (smiles), shed the tattered sweatpants, run a brush through my hair, and revel in the friendships that make up the fabric of my life! Blessings~
(Bedside Blessings~Charles R. Swindoll)


  1. Hi Sharon! What an inspirational post! I know I'd stay in my cave most the time if I didn't get out to go to work. I do love to open all curtains and shades to let the great sunshine in. That helps me feel like I'm not in a cave. Looks like you have another great quilt! Very pretty. I'm done with mine now and not sure I'll do another. I like projects that I can finish in a day or two. I may make some baby blankets.
    Have a great day! And enjoy the sunshine!

  2. this was a great post Sharon; working at home, I am in a cave too; I'm really working hard this year to cultivate friendships not just online; although it is sooo hard to do!

    enjoy the day (even the dreaded treadmill)


  3. A lovely post, Sharon! May your day "outside" be fulfilling, and the quilt in the photo is beautiful :-) Kathy

  4. Wonderful entry.....there is something on my blog for you.....

    Stay safe and warm.....LindaMay

  5. Wow...this is an amazing Post! I am a hermit at times. I try not to be. But sometimes I just love being away from the world, you know?

    I am gently reminded by the Spirit that I need the strength, vision, purpose and love of other WOMEN to help me in my journey...

    Today you have blessed me AGAIN!

    Love to you...Rebecca