August 1, 2010

Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons!

Hello friends!
In my previous post I wrote to you about a wonderful book that I was reading about the life of Julia Child, "My Life In France." This book inspired me to try one of her recipes! Since this book has no recipes, I found one of her recipes online. Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons (Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms and Cream.) I know what you are thinking....and NO this is NOT DIET FOOD! But it was the most incredible dinner I've had in a very long time. It looked so beautiful I even took a picture of it. Of course with my limited photography skills it didn't turn out well(it was yellowed) so then I tried to photoshop it a bit (another skill in which I am sorely lacking) and this is the best I could do. But I wanted to share with you the fablous meal we had last night. I shopped at the farmers market in the morning so everything was fresh! I served the chicken with swiss chard, steamed and tossed with olive oil and fresh pressed garlic. A slice of homemade wheat bread on the side. What a great meal! Now my goal is to locate a first addition of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" as I discovered that I loved the process of putting together a meal worth the effort! And truly it wasn't difficult. Chicken breasts, shallots, mushrooms, wine, lemon, cream, parsley and beef stock. A little olive oil as well. Today a salad! I ate only 1/2 of a chicken breast, and all of the greens. I was full and very, very satisfied. What a GREAT meal! Nothing processed-nothing canned-just REAL food. I found the recipe on Janet Keeler's Fabulous Blog


  1. Wow! Looked so yummy! Well done! Nothing can top a well prepared and presented meal.

  2. That looks and sounds wonderful. I do enjoy home cooking but most of my meal rather plain compared to that for sure. Once in awhile it's nice to try something different though. I hope your Sunday is a great one.

  3. OhMyGoodness, it looks amazing, Sharon!
    Thank you for your sweet visit & comment at my little blog! I'm so happy to meet you, and have just added your blog to my blogroll. I can see that we are kindred spirits, and I'll be back to visit you again soon! :)


  4. yummy!...
    I started another blog..come check it out

  5. Hi Sharon...thank you so much for coming over!!! The apron I bought at Laura Ashley at a post summer sale...
    Now what a co-incidence...yesterday I bought the 2 editions of Julia's books (new print) for Christmas. Perhaps we could do some cooking from them and blog about it. Have fun searching for the 1961 edition...I love doing stuff like that!!! Dzintra♥x