August 31, 2010

Starfish, Saltwater, Sand, & Sea~

I grew up in California, in beautiful San Diego. It's been quite awhile since I've lived there, but lately I've been missing the sea. The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, the warm sand squishing between my toes, and the great organic sandwiches from a deli in Del Mar. One summer in particular, my dear friend and I made a pact to go to the beach every single day of summer! (I think it was really all about the sandwiches). It is my recollection that our mission was accomplished! Of course, this was between our junior and senior year in high school when life was pretty carefree, and I could eat was ever I wanted and still remain a beanpole. We didn't care about the effects of the sun on our skin (my nose peeled about 40 times!), we didn't worry about anything except which one of us would be driving to the beach the next day. It was a wonderful time! And as season winds down...can you recollect one perfect & defining summer you spent in your youth? I am keeping this memory, and celebrating each and every new day. Blessings~


  1. I did have 2 weeks at the lake with a friend and her folks at a cottage and that was wonderful. I have loved the beach ever since, but rarely get there. Being near Lake Erie is almost like being near the ocean but its not salt water, still it has some lovely beaches. It was also the summer that LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND was popular...I was young then for sure. Still some memories you never forget.

  2. sounds like a blast...wish I was there with you!...and Your pillow is cute

  3. wonderful summer memory, Sharon, and that pillow is sooo very adorable!! now I'm curious if that deli in Del Mar is still open. The summer after I graduated was my care free summer, spent a lot of time at the beach too. I remember being very tanned that year (and probably burnt on more than one occasion) but the time was so laid back. Last one I had of those summers, LOL, started working full time after I turned 18 and you know what that does to summers :)


  4. I love the sea too! What a wonderful summer to go to the beach every day! I wish i lived closer to the shore!

    Love your pillow!