August 5, 2010

~...On a Wing and a Prayer~

The farmers are busy at work here in the country. Spraying, fertilizing, the last tending to until fall. Cool picture though eh? Hubs and I have to get up early to travel about an hour for hubby's knee surgery. Wish us Luck!!! Hugs, over and out!


  1. Luck & Prayers to you both, but specially for the hubs. Tazzy

  2. As a person with knee issues, I am praying for your husband to have a successful surgery.

  3. Good wishes and saying a prayer right now!!

  4. I'll be praying the surgery goes well. Take care!

  5. Oh Sharon! Doing the post was worth it just to get your sweet comment. It WAS work and I told my hubby NO MORE TUTORIALS FOR ME for a bit! ahhahaha

    I hope you can learn from all my mistakes. I love my furniture now and can't understand WHY it took me so long to make the plunge. I enjoyed it stained dark cherry wood for 18 years...I hope now to enjoy it cottage white for 18 more. 36 years is a long time to own furniture. By that time I'm SURE I'm truly be officially WAY OVER THE HILL and might not care WHAT I have! hahahah

    Bless you friend~

    Special thoughts to your hubbs (the one giggling!). Hope the surgery went well.

    Love to you~


  6. Yep, a pretty cool picture I agree!!! Best of luck for the surgery...Dzintra♥x

  7. G'morn, Sharon ~

    Your picture is awesome ... I love each seasons scenes.

    Best wishes for a successful knee surgery & quick recovery for hubs, sweetie.

    Have a lovely summers weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon