August 24, 2010

~Dog Days~

Whew! It's so hot---the dog won't run! Good Morning all~Check out this ol' girl! Since moving out to the country last year, I've noticed a wonderful change in Freeway. She's so mellow and calm..shepherds are really not known for m-e-l-l-o-w. At least this one wasn't. For the first 6 years she ran circles around me literally, and was so busy all of the time. Now of course she's getting older, but finally the contentment has kicked in..(thank you Lord) She goes outside, and roams around for a while, visits the neighbor dogs, looks for squirrels and rabbits, and then she comes back and lays on the porch. About once every two hours a car goes by, it's the neighbors going to their horses, and then the horses go by...and she lays...then it's time to come in for a cookie...she goes back out and lays...What a life~what a time~the dog days of summer.


  1. This is too cute. I'm waiting for TillyMGilly to settle but it simply won't happen. Malinois are known for either HERDING or GUARDING. Either way she is going to be on my heels or chasing the cat who loves playing chase with her. I didn't know when you take on a malinois you should have at least an acre for them to play on. The Boston's are good, they have each other. hehe... Cute post. Tazzy

  2. A dogs life is wonderful especially when they have a nice home. It's great that you can let yours loose like that. I've always had to have mine on a leash or fenced in or they'd run away. I guess I didn't train them to be otherwise so that's probably my fault. We've had a little cool down here for a few days but the heat is supposed to return by the weekend. I sure do love it in the 70's. That's perfect weather for me.

  3. What a wonderful description of a dogs' life!! I am glad your fur baby has found contentment!

  4. she does look content on the porch watching her "domain". Seems like country life is agreeing with all of you!!


  5. Sharon...

    School without Math would have been delightful...

    School without DISSECTING BUGS (aka: SCIENCE) would have made attending a dream.

    I loved reading about your doggie. My Miss Mollie ate some vermin last week and was very sick for a couple of days. Now she is no longer allowed to visit pottyland without me standing watch. At four pounds she only THINKS she can handle eating fat old toads and know. I on the other hand cannot stand to watch the results of her poor choices play out. can do! :)

    Love to you sweet friend~