August 4, 2010

~Shabby Pink Sweetness~

Hello Friends~I've been busy all morning in my studio...mostly cleaning out the's been so long that I've actually worked in there! Oh well, I'm BACK! Here's a cute little booty Ornie for my EBAY shop. Isn't she darling? I just love pink Squiggle Chenille!
The weather remains the same-humid, rainy, overcast! But it's so nice to be busy and creating again. It seems sometimes I am so uninspired, and then-all of a sudden I'm BAAACK!! It's so good to be back. Hugs~


  1. Hi Sharon. You should link your bootie to your etsy store. Are you under the sharonscottagequilts or something else?

    Beautiful, just beautiful. T

  2. Your little pink shoe is cute for sure. It's funny how we go months without doing any thing and all the sudden inspiration comes. I'm going to be busy painting things from now until Christmas. Not only have I 7 sleds to paint for my children but now I am going to have 15 grandchildren to paint an ornament for. I also have a few ideas of things for fall too! I don't sell them. I'm just busy making them for my family.

  3. oops my bad, i saw etsy because I was thinking of my listings. I see you have it on ebay. :) best of luck selling, as i'm sure it will.

  4. Love the pink boot!!! It is so delicate and elegant. Love it!!!