September 2, 2010

~A Vintage Millinery Find!~

Good Morning Friends~Well yesterday I came across the MOST fabulous find! 1000's of Vintage Millinery Leaves! Look at the color of the leaves! I love Vintage items so much, and it is getting so difficult to find nice was like Christmas! BEAUTIFUL!! I was so excited! I wanted to make some sachets with my lavender, using homemade flowers and leaves. PERFECT!! I wish you all a wonderful day~I'll be playing with my leaves! Blessings~


  1. That was a huge find. So many nice things with endless possibilities. Have fun!

  2. Oh Sharon this was a wonderful find!!! A sachet will be ebautiful using some of these. I'm working on sachets to, but not getting very far. lol!
    I LOVED the Winter White quilt that you finished. What a gorgeous thing it is. Your photos are so beautiful of it too!
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the holiday!
    hugs to you

  3. WHOA NELLY... that is one huge haul young lady!!! I am always on the lookout for such things but have not been blessed to find them ... anywhere... WHAAAAA I wont to find millinery!!!! Hugs and love. Tammy

  4. Great find Sharon!! I am sure you will find many neat things to do with these vintage items!!

  5. Seems simple enough to enlarge pics on your blogs! I say that until I go and try it:)

    Nice stash of goodies too!

  6. very colorful looking Sharon!! have fun with them! I'm sure with your creativity you will find dozens of ways to use your find :)


  7. I can see you're going to be busy playing for quite awhile with these treasures! What a great collection... Have fun!!!