March 8, 2010

~When Opportunity Knocks....Chase It!~

This is Tracy...Not So Innocent!
At last it has arrived! Bright and early at 7:30am my package from "Quilt for Kids" and Downy landed on my doorstep! Well sort of....the UPS man drove up and the 3 doggies from across the street came barreling into the driveway...(the UPS man usually has treats for them, new driver today-no treats) I was in my housecoat and PJ's waiting for the driver to pull away so I could snatch up my package from the porch. I wasn't fast enough for that little rascal Tracy the puppy. She so adorable, but really she is just in every body's business...all the time! We recycle here, glass, plastic and newspapers and every garbage day I see her running like crazy, so proud of herself with a plastic bag of recyclable trash in her mouth! Just prancing down the street to her home. Poor people....they probably end up with more trash!! Anyway back to the story, the quilt kit came in a plastic shipping bag...can you guess?? I am running down the driveway trying to reclaim my quilt kit from the my housecoat and pink fuzzy slippers! As it happens, the school bus full of kids goes by (wonderful), but the school bus causes Tracy to drop the bag in the driveway in order to chase the bus! I grab my quilt kit, lose my pink fuzzy slipper in a mud puddle. When I turn to get the slipper out of the mud, I see Tracy running full board at me. (she loves me) From 4 ft away she takes a flying leap and bounces off of my chest with 4 muddy paws which land on my beautiful WHITE housecoat! It's Monday....and I love dogs.....

I will write about the quilt tomorrow...when I am clean...and warm.



  1. I always remind myself that they are here because I chose them!! Tilly has a habit of wanting to greet you over and over again each time she comes in from potty outdoors. Her paws appear to be as big as our heads but she thinks herself a puppy. Muddy paw prints, yep been there before. Muddy slippers... not so much. Your on your own there. *wink* I often wonder what the drivers think of us foolishy gaelic women who run for our packages half dressed and unpresentable to anyone. The anticipation over taking any sensibility. hehhe... ah... who cares. Not I.

    Those fabrics color are beautiful!!

  2. OMG! This post made me laugh hysterically! I could picture the whole scene unfolding! Puppies are the best! I wonder if any of your neighbours were watching! lol

  3. Oh nooooo she dit'ent!

    Four muddy paws on your white housecoat?

    Good thing Tracy is adorable. That's what saved my kids' lives over and over again. If they hadn't been adorable who knows what might have happened to them. {wink}

    Love your new fabrics, Sharon. So worth chasing down the drive way and sacrificing a fuzzy slipper for.

  4. All that and losing your slipper!! Aiiii!!! What a morning you had! I don't know if I would love Tracy so much anymore. Bad doggy...bad!!
    Beautiful colors by the way!

  5. I remember those muddy paw days when I had dogs. Glad anyway you got the package retrieved. Its bright and sunny here and I'm waiting for the snow to melt...we have a long way to go. It's interview week, hopefully next week we can start training.

  6. Ohhhhh Sharon....i'm sooo sorry....your story really isn't funny ..but....i think i my need a Depends....!!


  7. Oh my! At least you got your package!!! Judi

  8. Please Sharon, know that I'm laughing with you, not at you. hehe
    I'm so sorry about your pretty robe and cute little pink slippers.

  9. I'm amazed the delivery was so early in the morning!! they really get up and going there!! poor you Sharon! thankfully there wasn't ice on the road, can you imagine slipping and sliding trying to catch your fabric? I think it should be mandatory that every UPS/FedEx guys carry treats. Koda got used to getting at reat from the FedEx guy who delivered my pay check when we first moved down here and every time he would hear the truck on payday, he would be waiting at the door for them to come. Heavens forbid it was a substitute! I would play it up and go and get him one of my treats and say "look what they brought you". Even to this day (he has me trained really well) when the doorbell rings, he expects a treat (and I started direct deposit a long time ago for my checks LOL)

    the colors are pretty though! I'm sure it will be a beautiful quilt made with love