March 7, 2010

~Artist Pam Warden's Java Joy~A Surprise Visitor~And a Wee Bit of Green!~

This Darling Java Joy print from the Wonderful Christian Artist Pam Warden of Faith Folk Cafe
is painted using COFFEE!! Is that Fabulous or What?? I was so fortunate to win this print during One World One Heart!! I love it! It is going in my breakfast room where I enjoy my coffee each morning. Thank you Pam Warden!! Please stop by Faith Folk Cafe and visit this talented lady!
Herbert Hawk sitting right outside my livingroom window. Notice that he is an unabashed voyeur...Staring directly into my house, he stayed for 10 minutes, then flew off in the vicinity of my birdfeeder (Oh No!) I could not look. But after awhile he was back sitting on this perch staring into the window once again. Freeway is always happy to see him....We are so blessed to live on our little hilltop which we share with horses, doggies, cats, hawks and eagles. Also a few cows...and a very vocal mule who has an odd attraction to my husbands work truck!.
Note: This picture was taken through a screen on the window...please excuse poor quality.

A little green at last! Yes, the snow is finally melting a bit here and up comes the lilies in the rock garden. They are like long lost friends..especially this year! Welcome Welcome!


  1. what a joy to see those shoots coming up showing Spring is on the way too!

  2. congrats on your winning that print! amazing it is painted with coffee!

    how cool to have that hawk visiting you for a bit!! You got a great picture of it too.

    so glad green is coming back to your neck of the woods :)