March 6, 2010

~Oh those eyes!

Look at those pretty eyes! This ol' gal is pretty happy for the warm up we are having this week! It's been in the high 30's and will be in the 40's for all of this coming week!! Whoo-Hoo!! For some of us perhaps (Alix in Florida:-) this doesn't seem REAL warm-but frankly me and my Arrow here are very very happy!! Mike & I put insulation up in the garage attic this morning, what a job! Dirt from head to toe. Glad that's done. My mom went out shopping for groceries with her friend today, she's getting better and better everyday. I am now on my way downstairs to hop on the treadmill. (arch enemy) Have a wonderful weekend Angels!


  1. Oh what a pretty baby!! I play holy heck on wheels to get in that close on tillybug but once in a while she lets me. I took just a picture a couple days ago. Cute!!! Glad to hear your mum is up and around. It's always better when you get up moving when it's in your lungs. The sun is out nice and bright today. I'm in for the day but it sure looks pretty. I too have to do some treadmill work. I've slacked the last couple of weeks. Hugs. Tammy

  2. They get ya with the eyes!!
    Good news about your Mom and the wonderful the 40's here, also.....


  3. glad it is warming up Sharon and glad your mom is doing better! I'm sure Freeway gets away with lots of things with those gorgeous eyes of hers :)


  4. So glad to hear your mom is doing better!
    And yes, very pretty eyes!

  5. I am thrilled to hear the good report about your mom!! And your furbaby is beautiful!
    Yes...spring is on it's way. I am so thrilled!!

  6. Those are some lovely eyes. I do love the doggies so much. Mine is asleep next to me breathing very rhythmically and my big ol black cat is also asleep... snoring away. They are so innocent. Ooops. Augie's head just popped up. Now it's down again. It's good to be a dog.

    As for the warmer weather - I'm so happy you're getting out of the deep freeze. There is nothing like the subtle switch from cold to mild. I am needing Spring soooo badly. It's supposed to be near 70 here today. And sunny. I'll believe it when it happens. Yesterday it was also sunny, but never made it past 60. Better than nothing, I suppose, but it's still way cooler than usual this time of year. I'm usually swimming by April and I doubt that will be happening this year. Still... it's progress.

    Have a wonderful Sunday my dear friend. I love you.

  7. Oh... I almost forgot...

    Love the Irish Jig music and SO HAPPY your mom is feeling well enough to be out and about. Yay!