March 13, 2010

Spring Forward~

The geese are coming back in droves! The sky is alive with the sounds of honking and the glorious sight of chevron positioning. Forward...back...forward....back as one tires, and another pulls up to take over the lead. The geese in the rear of the formation are constantly honking to remind the flock to keep up the speed. Flying in a V pattern, each set of wings create an uplift for the goose behind, making it more aerodynamic and easier to fly with less wind resistance. If one bird is ill, two will leave the formation, following the sick bird to the ground and stay with it, until it can fly once again, or it dies. What a beautiful relationship! The geese remind me that spring is on its way!
Don't forget to turn your clocks forward!


  1. I've seen a few around here but wonder if they really ever left. When they are in flight they are fascinating for sure. I love watching them.

  2. I bet it is a great sight to see, Sharon! we don't get much geese this way but did in Montana; I do love how they all work together to get from one place to another; seems to me we should learn that lesson too :)


  3. Hi Sharon! I've seen lots of geese this week too.
    Oh, better set your clocks forward. ;) Spring ahead, you know.
    Have a great day!

  4. Dear Sharon ~~ That must be a great sight to see the geese and how they
    cooperate with one another. Pity we can't all do that too.

    We are nearly due to turn our clocks back, so I wondered about yours.
    I see it would be forward for the
    Spring and Summer.

    Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

  5. We have to turn our clocks ahead!! Spring forward! LOL!! Love the geese too...don't see them much here though!

  6. Sharon, I didn't know that about birds guardianship behavior. How sweet.

    I have a pair of Canadian geese that have been circling my lake now for a week. They landed once, but our greedy Mallards chased them away from the cracked corn I leave out for them.

    Yes, the geese are noisy, but so graceful. I love them so. Almost as much as I love you.

  7. Sharon a very intersting post, I just love the photo of the tree it is calling them home. Happy days.

  8. Ahhhh Spring! I can't wait! We have actually had a really easy Winter and have been getting teased with Springlike weather for awhile. I just can't wait until it is here to stay!

  9. Oh I love this! I didn't know this about geese. I have a couple of geese... :) I have not forgotten you I promise!! I've been ... on the ground.

  10. That's a lovely bit of facts, that I didn't know!
    When the geese start showing up here, it is starting to really feel like Fall is setting in.

  11. We all forgot to turn the clocks ahead. We each awoke in a fog as we stared at the clock and poured ourselves another cup of coffee.

    Love your photo, I can almost hear the geese.