March 4, 2010

~Thankful Thursday~

Good Morning!~What a difference a day makes! First...I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and words left yesterday on my blog. I am so grateful for you, and so blessed that I can reach out to you in times of angst and sadness to know that you will be there in prayer. I will be there for you as well, you can count on me.
It is difficult to be living so far away from my mom, she in Dallas, TX. and I in Marshalltown, IA. When things come up, as they do in life, the helpless feeling that shrouds my life is overwhelming and at these times I feel that the only thing I can do is pray. I am never disappointed in the power of prayer, and the blessings that are received when two or more are gathered.
On Tuesday this week my mom's doctor was going to put her in the hospital, as she had pneumonia in both lungs. She will be 82 on April 12th and she hadn't been feeling well for two weeks. She had been under the Dr.'s care for a week with little improvement, terribly wheezy and congested. Before he made the final decision to hospitalize her, he took chest x-rays. Through the x-rays he could see a small improvement which was not apparent by listening to her. He wanted her to see a pulmonary specialist as soon as she could get an appt. She called yesterday and the nurse said, " We just now had a cancellation, the Dr. can see you today!" She went in at 2:00 yesterday(her sweet and dear friend Katie took her). The specialist listened to her lungs, took x-rays, and told mom that the pneumonia was gone!!! She said that my mom has bronchitis, but that the pneumonia was completely gone! So while she is not out of the woods was wonderful news. Thank you Jesus!! She will be on all new medicine now, as the medicine she was on made her tired and confused, and affected her memory. I spoke with her several times yesterday and she is like a new person! Actually, she's more like her old self, energetic, and upbeat, and so relieved as am I. When I heard this wonderful report, I just cried...I am still weepy. The power of prayer! I can't tell you the difference in my mom from one day to the next! It is truly a miracle, and I thank you, and am ever grateful for your prayers and support for my dear, sweet mom. She is on the road to recovery now, and it will be hard to keep her at rest...she's already talking about going back to the gym!! Oh boy.....
In deep gratitude and with a joyful heart I sign off today...I won't be going to the gym however, I think I'll take a nice long nap......
God Bless You My Blog Angels~


  1. Thank the good Lord for his many blessings! I was so happy to read about your good news.

  2. Oh how exciting!!! I love hearing the power of prayer reports! Miracles always abound! And your mom is one of them!! PTL!!
    Hugging you
    PS my mom is 82 as well and so full of herself. Goes to dances every Sat. night!! LOL!!

  3. Oh, what wonderful news! I'm so happy about this good report. Thank you Lord!!

    Yes, you get some rest and let that stress go bye-bye.

    She goes to the gym?!! My word, that's wonderful - and now I feel like a lazy slug...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  4. Great news!!! and i can't believe Mom's birthday is April 20th, she'll be 80.....these two ladies need to meet......

  5. praising the Lord for such a wonderful report, Sharon! thank you Jesus!

    glad your mom is doing soooo much better and the pneumonia is gone! too cute that she is already planning her next gym outing!


  6. So happy to hear the good news about your Mom. My mom has a little plaque that reads "When Ye Pray Believe" My Mom just turned 90
    in Feb. she lives with me and my husband and I see Gods hand in our lives everyday. A big HUG to you dear and your wonderful Mom.
    Love, Susan

  7. And God bless you, precious Sharon.

    A ginormous woot-woot to the guy upstairs for acting so quickly on these petitions.

    I'm so happy for your mom. Bronchitis ain't no day at the beach, but it's a tremendous improvement over pneumonia. I'm still sending up the prayers!

  8. Oh Sharon, I'm terribly sorry to hear of your mother's health but happy to hear the power of prayer has lifted her out the more serious of the two.

    I have NOT forgotten you friend, I've been quite ill and up to new ventures while recouperating. I have a box for you that I will let you know when it is dropped in the mail. Probably late today or tomorrow.

    Hugs and love and continued prayers for your momma.

  9. Sharon, Thank you for becoming a new follower at Art and Soul by Deborah. What a small world we live in. I am also in Iowa,Stratford. You blog is simply
    chic. I'll be follow you too!
    Many Blessing Deborah