May 23, 2010

Out for a Morning Stroll.....

Good Morning Friends! As I was digging and weeding in the front yard I noticed a beautiful deer walking down the street, slowly and peacefully, just having a morning stroll. I was able to retrieve my camera before it came to be in front of my yard. So I sat on the front porch and waited for it to make it's way down the road. Just as I snapped this photo, the neighbors herd dogs came running out lickety-split and chased it into the conservation park below our home. The deer was running and leaping with its tail straight up in the air! It was so wonderful to see. Between yesterday and today I have planted 36 flowers and mowed the 2 acres of grass! This was my first mowing, hubby has been doing it, and I am so sore! By the end of the fall, I will be in Great shape I'm certain. Blessings to you dear friends, enjoy the moment!


  1. Beautiful shots and Kind words !!Thanks for sharing !!

  2. What a blessing to be able to get a picture like that. I guess you really are one busy lady. I will get outside in a little while and do some weeding. It seems all the rain we had made them grow faster than ever. Have a great Sunday!

  3. very busy you were Sharon with planting and mowing! I bet it feels good though to be outside and enjoying God's world and the wonderful things he has made! How cool too to see the deer and get such a great picture of it! I can imagine it ran so much faster than the neighbor's dogs as it made its escape

    hope you enjoy your Sunday :)


  4. Love the photo!! I have yet to tackle the outdoor projects. Been way to windy to enjoy working outside. But soon the winds will calm down and I will hit the dirt with vigor!! Ha!

  5. Great pic,....thx for sharing!

  6. Hello Sharon, I see you get your energy from your Mum,you both mow the lawn. Happy gardening.

  7. Hi Sharon,
    What a sweet picture!
    I feel you in the soreness department. I have been trying to get my garden muscles back, but it has been slow coming. I hope your soreness wears off soon too.