May 11, 2010

...One Duck Up A Tree...A Graduation..And A Fond Farewell..

Can you see this Crazy Duck up in the Tree?? Every morning it comes to sit in the very same spot..staying for about a half hour. It struck me so funny, I have never seen a duck in a tree before! Always they would be walking around on the ground-don't get me wrong, I know they fly, I just never saw one up a tree before! Cute!
A graduation picture from last Friday night! was def. a BAAAD Hair Day! But it was a wonderful day all the same. My hubby was taking the picture of me..Surprise!!!

On a sad note...little Tracy is not with us any longer. She was our neighbors little boy's doggy. We'll sure miss the little rascal! See you in heaven little one!
We had such a storm yesterday! Rain was the least of it, but the Wind was incredible! Lifting heavy items and moving them around on the back deck! It was so loud, that I had to turn the music up to keep Freeway from getting stuck trying to crawl under the bed. Today it is quiet here, overcast and kind of gloomy---but quiet. God Bless my Oklahoma friends~may you be protected from storms today. What devastation!


  1. Congrats Sharon!!!
    And I'm sorry about Tracy... I'm sure you and Freeway will miss her. :(

  2. Your graduation picture is just beautiful. Glad your hubby took one for you to share. You deserve lots of applause and cheers for a job well done!!!

  3. Congratulations!! What a fabulous achievement!!
    I too am sorry about Tracy!!
    Your pic by the way is terrific!

  4. beautiful pic...CONGRATS!!!!
    you cant see me, but I'm giving you a standing ovation!!!

  5. Congradualtions.!!! wish i could see the duck better... i think that is funny too..

  6. Sharon, I think that picture of you graduating is awesome! you definitely don't look your age! Way to go girl!

    so sorry about Tracy :(


  7. Congratulations... Such a Fabulous shot of you on your special day. What faculty did you graduate from? BRAVO!!!!

    SO sorry about your dear dog, Tracey. I'm sure your have fond memories of her.
    Hugs to you.