May 5, 2010

It's Been Awhile!......

New Curtains with Roses

My Country Road

Hello Friends~It's been awhile since I've blogged...I hope you are all well and enjoying springtime! It's been a whirlwind here..literally and figuratively. I have planted my vegetable garden, and Gurney's delivered a package chock full of springtime goodies! Have you see the Sorbet peonies? Oh my gosh, they're beautiful! Delicate pink, and white blossoms. Perfect!! And I also have a love for lavender, so I added to my garden several varieties. I finished school and and will graduate on Friday! I was talking to my friend the other day...(we have been buddies for 51 years now) and she was telling me that she is getting married in July! Talk about a couple of LATE BLOOMERS!!! She's getting married, and I'm graduating from college!! Ha! Oh well, it's never to late for anything, is it??
I have been struggling with faith seems that when everything is going well, hey, I'm a faithful Christian!! Right on board, for sure. BUT....when things are tenuous and strained, well, I just fall apart! To make a long story sweet husband is working for a real stinker! It's been a long hard year for him. For those of you who don't know, we just moved here to Iowa a year ago (almost a year), and my hubby has 30 years on the job. He now has 4 days a month off, and is on call 24 hrs. a's exhausting and it's wearing on him. So, he is going to put in for a different position, which very well may have us packing up and moving again. I am heartbroken. We love it here, and can see ourselves retired here. My husband has about 4 more years until retirement. The new job will take him out of town again from Monday-Friday. The last year has been the only time in our married life that my husband has been home every night, and I've become very spoiled to have his company. I don't look forward to moving and being alone in a new State once again, not knowing anyone. So that's my whiny, story. I should have more faith that what happens will be for the best, and deep down I know it will. I really do. And yet I struggle, and despair.
On the bright side, my bedroom redo is coming along. The top picture is a sneak preview of some pretty white linen curtains I made for the bedroom windows. I didn't line them (we have blinds on the windows too, so these are just for "frou frou") and they just look lovely when the wind blows through. I made little flowers and attached them to the curtains. I saw the flowers on a pillow that my friend June from Laughing With Angels made awhile ago, and thought they would be beautiful tossed onto white linen curtains. They do! Thanks June!! They are so light and fresh I love the way they came out...unfortunately, the picture didn't turn out too well. When I finish with the room I will take pictures of the entire redo.
The horses are out again!! I missed them through the winter months. My neighbors across the road, just had 8 baby calves! They are so delightful!! I just love those cute little black noses!!
I have almost finished sealing and repainting the I will get that done. Then I'm going to plant a small wildflower garden in front of it. And of course put a few pots of flowers in it! I'll take pictures of it tommorow.
Be well friends, I've missed you, but have been reading your blogs faithfully.


  1. Sharon through your dilema, you certainy are keeping positive! Sounds like your are keeping busy too! Remember no matter where you live, you make it your home :) Judi

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve to celebrate for sure! All that hard work and you are finally graduating. I do hope all works out well for your hubby and his job. It must be hard to think about moving again, but I always figure the good Lord places us where we are needed. Your garden sounds so nicel. Just take each day as it comes and enjoy it...Celebrate today! (I've not read Terry's books but will have to check them out. Thanks for the tip in my blog) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Congratulations Sharon!!! I'm sure many people, self included, struggle with faith when times are tough. This is known by God and this is why we are constantly tested in all ways to be upright christians. If I had to count how many times I have doubted, strayed or flat stop believing in his ways, oh lawd.. too many. But I truly believe when we question all things we become more well rounded in believing righteous things. It's normal to be tested and it's normal to want to throw your hands up once in a while. Love & hugs Friend. T

  4. Ohhhh Girl....glad to have you back! Stay up-beat and positive..what the Lord wants for you and your hubby will work itself out.....i remember moving 8 times in 5's tough....the unknown....

  5. All hail Queen Sharon!

    Soooo good to see you again my pretty.

    I'm thrilled to hear you're a graduate! Fantastic and well done. You must be so proud. Congratulations!!!

    If there is anyone whose faith is unshakable, it's yours sweet Sharon. It's okay to feel overwhelmed, frightened, and wobbly in the face of potential change - but don't misread that. Faith is faith. You either have it or don't have it. Sometimes it might feel out of reach, but that's just fear getting in the way. You'll get a foothold soon and I have a feeling everything will be perfect. How could it not? God's on your side!

  6. congrats on graduating Sharon! that is absolutely awesome! I hope you do something special to celebrate! hugs to you about your husband's job situation. I know it is so hard, believe you me, to consider moving again (been there, done that, wrote the book LOL). Employers these days just seem to take, take, take, take, take from their employees and expect this and that from them, often exhausting them and burning them out, but it seems like the employers just can't see that and care about their most valuable assets, good quality workers like your husband. In the long run, although it is hard to pull up stakes and move again, your hubby's health and well being is important; I can't imagine such a grueling schedule! I know this didn't catch God by surprise and I know he has wonderful plans for you and your hubby. We just need to trust and turn it over to him and allow him to work it all out. But I do truly understand with all our frequent moves, it is hard to adapt to new areas......


  7. congratulations!! Well deserve pat on the back! We have moved so many many times, I understand and we might have to do it again soon...I pray everything works out for you's wonderful to see you post...take care