May 6, 2010

Flowers and Farming With a Chill in the Air!

Thank you friends for your encouragement

A New Season~A New Crop

After Paint (not quite finished yet)

Before Paint
Good Morning! And what a beautiful day it is! First off thank you so much friends for your encouragement and wonderful welcome back yesterday!! I was so happy to hear from you, and so blessed by your kindness. I feel energized today and ready to roll! Bless you MA, Alix, Cindi, Betty, Judi, LindaMay, Lynne, and Tammy, and especially Mom. I love you all!!
I did start painting the wagon, poor ol' thing, I think it looks better. I'm going to put some pretty flowers in it, and plant wild flowers in front of it. But today, I'll finish painting. We had originally thought we'd restore her, but on closer inspection, we realized it would be impossible as there isn't one single piece of good wood left on her. Not ONE! So, I'm painting in hopes that it will stay together for a few years. If we are still here...we will use the hardware, get some old barn wood and build another one. It's been blowin' pretty hard here.. up to 70 mph winds, the last few days. I did paint one day, until I discovered that I had more paint on me, than the buckboard did. I don't think it was ever sealed. I didn't really use paint on it, rather a sealer with a cedar tint. I wanted it to show up a bit. Whaddya Think??
Oh yes, and the farmer was here at the crack of dawn this morning!
Hugs to you and Blessings as well,


  1. That would be a challenge painting with winds like that. It will look so nice when it's all finished. You'll be rewarded with hours of pleasure just looking at it and the flowers. I hope your Thursday is a wonderful one and that you have a little less wind too!

  2. There is a lady that lives on my route home ...who has an old farm wagon in her front yard.....she decorates for each holiday and/or's great and fun to watch for the changes...!!


  3. Hi sweetie... I'm so glad your feeling better. When your up to emails, would you please send me your mailing addy? I have something I would love to send to you and lost your addy while working on the projects. :( Now, tell us, how did you do in school? Did you get a good report card? You did? Well here's some tootsie rolls for each A!! Brava!! So proud of you. Hugs. Tamy

  4. Hello, I am sure that wagon is going to look just great when the wind subsides and you can get back out there. Congrats on finishing school. Happy times to you and your family. Those flowers are just beautiful. I can smell them from here.
    Happy days.

  5. I like your painting job, Sharon; it does "spruce" it up a bit. But wow those winds! they must have come over from Montana cause I was talking to my dear friend up there the other day (I think Tuesday) and she said it was very gusty up there that day

    must be fun to watch the new season's crop going in and the progress of the plants growing


  6. Thanks for signing up for my giveaway and best of luck!

  7. Love the wagon and it looks great painted. Well done!

  8. My dear Sharon, I have red one the of the oldest post about the need of your husband of some time of relax in his work and that perhaps you will have to move again... well darling, I believe that everything that happens in life has it`s important part of great benefits, eventhough we don`t see them yet. I really hope that whatever may happen will be a great change for you both.
    and oh that wagon, what a wonderful thing, and the pretty color you are painting it!!!!
    Many hugs to you my darling,
    Maria Cecilia

  9. I think the wagon looks smashing which is a lot better than smashed - unless we're talking Margaritas and then that's an ENTIRELY different story.

    Nice job Sharon.

  10. Ha Ha .. It's fun to catch up on your blog... I can associate with the old wagon and your painting talents.. We had one just like it !!!!So who looks better in the paint?