December 19, 2009

The Spry Chickie is Back~Let the Christmas Bells Ring!~

Merry Christmas Friends~Haven't posted in awhile, busy, busy getting ready for my mom to arrive from Texas for Christmas! Sheeeee's Heeere!! Of course first thing she did was hop up into the skid steer with her grand-dog following closely behind! I hope that I am as spry and energetic as my mom when I am her age!!(81) Heck....I hope I MAKE it to her age!! Just look at her beautiful smile!! Isn't it Grand? When she comes to visit Freeway (the dog) doesn't let her get to far away.....Those two can get into some mischief, I'm telling you!


  1. Your Mom and my Mom should meet....Dad got her "hiking poles" for Christmas......ohhhh Help me...Rhonda!!!!......we need to fence in the 12 acre wood!!

    Enjoy Her......LindaMay

  2. how cute!!! enjoy your visit with your mom Sharon!

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Merry Christmas Spry chickie!!!!

    enjoy your visit!

  4. Oh that is fabulous! Enjoy your time with her during her stay and have a Grand Christmas! Judi

  5. What a beautiful little thing she is! Have a great visit with this chic chick!

  6. Pretty, pretty tree!

    And hoooooray for your Mama! 81 and so cute and spry. What is her secret?

    Please, while she is there visiting you... Please ask her to share her secret for being so cute, and tiny and spry, at 81!!! I have 9 more years to go and I really have to "Get Working On Her Tips." I'm not as tiny, and spry as she is, even now at 72.

    Sharon's Mama, please tell me...... How do you do it????

    Aunt Amelia

  7. Oh my word... I hope I have that kind of energy at that age too!

    Have a beautiful time with your mom, Sharon!!!

  8. Ha ha ..Sharon... .

    .What great pictures... Give your mom a HUG from me... Love her spirit...


  9. Dear Sharon ~~ Your Mom is marvellous for her age and looks so
    good too. I hope you ans she enjoyed her visit; apart from the asthma attack. Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  10. I showed Jim the pictures of Mike and your mom in the skid loader and he was quite jealous. It sure is a nice one. And she sure is a go getter!