December 7, 2009

~It's Coming........~

I thought these snow peaked rocks looked rather comforted with their blanket
Snow covered hay bales

Naturally Flocked Tree !
Well's coming! The first big snow of the year! The weather station is calling for 7" to 12" of snow...Wow! One weekend when we lived in Illinois, we had 26" of snow!! So...I'm thinking that we can handle this...We got just a skiff last night 1 or 2's so pretty! I welcome the winter with the first snowfall...Not bad for a California girl!!!


  1. I mean seriously, is there anything prettier than the snow covered trees of nature. I love it. We had just a bit of dusting last night. Nothing to write home over but the air is changing for sure. My bones feel every drop of the degree!! I love your photo of the single tree - just beautiful. Hugs to you today. Tammy

  2. Sweet Sharon, how lovely your pics ... I love the bales & tree. Snow just adds warmth & ambiance to the season, doesn't it. I hope you popped over to both of my blogs to view the pics we took ... we got 6" for the first blanketing.

    Again, thank you so much, you are such a sweet friend.

    Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

  3. I'm dreading the first significant snow fall...I hate driving in it and I hate shoveling it. I'd be pleased if it stayed below 3 inches all winter, but I know that just won't happen. I don't like being cold either. There are not many things I dislike but winter is at the top of my dislike list for sure.

  4. oh, oh, it´s getting very cold and snowy over there!!!! while here we are hot!! Any way, every season has its beauty...
    Maria Cecilia

  5. Yep, the big one is coming. School is already cancelled for tomorrow and probably for Wed. too. Wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. The kids are happy at least.
    Great pics! Love the snow covered tree.

  6. it looks beautiful! always fun for the first big snowfall!! just be safe :)


  7. great pics, thx for sharing them...stay warm!

  8. Sharon,
    I thought of you last night when I was watching the national weather. It"s coming, and your photographs make everything look so cozy. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. I love snow!

  9. Yes it's pretty. But like I said in my post today, I hope all is well with all of you, where they got 'a big one'!!!

    And yes, I think you do know the Christmas candies we were looking for. Thank you so much for offering to send me some, if you find them. But I'm going to try to find them on line, at the Brache's web site. Well, if they still make them. I'm beginning to wonder if they are.

    If I get some, I'll post about it. :-)


  10. It is pretty! We already got our anual 3 hour snow fall that doesn't stick... LOL!

    Thanks for all the coffee maker info! :D

  11. Hi Sharon,
    I will be a little envious if you get the big one. It's been so cold here and it is too cold to snow. A snow storm would help warm things up a bit. It was -3 this morning. Doesn't everything look just beautiful in snow...even a rock!

  12. Love the first snowfall... So glad to be back in snow country...