December 3, 2009

~Beautiful Vintage Ornaments~Rhinestones!

Little Deer and Caroller in Rhinestone Gazebo
Deep Purple Ice

A Lovely Pair of Ice Skates!

Side View of Skates

Tea Strainer Green & Gold

Lime Green with Rhinestones

Here are a few more ornies that were made by my lovely and talented mom! What amazing detail, patience, and a keen eye for design. Just think of the time it took to perfect each one of these "pretties." Of all of the wonderful traits I inherited from mom--patience like this, is not one of them. They are, every one, a treasure!
Holiday Blessings~


  1. omgoodness...the ice skates...and the last one....all of
    almost ready for my;)

  2. Oh you lucky girl to have such a talented mom! They are wonderful!

  3. That is talent for sure. They look so beautiful against the white tree too.

  4. Oh such glorious, glittery, and beautiful Ornaments! How talented was your mom.

  5. How blessed you are to have those ornaments!! We have nothing like this in our family from my mom. She died quite young so really never got to fly, so to speak. The last one is my favorite. Just precious! Do you make them Sharon? IT would be so nice to have some from both of you on your tree!! Hugs. Tammy

  6. those ice skates are so very nice Sharon! all the ornaments are lovingly and beautifully made! must be fun to decorate your tree with them; each one reminds you of your awesome mom :)


  7. Wow, these are so colorful and fun! What a talented mama you have!

  8. Wow, so, so beautiful, your mother is an artist!!! a great one!!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  9. Oh Sharon I love the beaded, jeweled ornaments. My Mom used to make them too and one year for Christmas we made them for relatives using old costume jewelry. They are a real treausre. Thanks for sharing. Judi

  10. Oh, your stuff is so dreamy Sharon. I am green with envy. But light green as I think jealousy is very unbecoming a lady. LOL

    Gorgeous ornaments. I LOVE them!

  11. WOW .. They are friend

  12. Beautifully created Christmas ornaments by your wonderful mom! They are precious! How dear to have them for your tree! Enjoy! Hugs, Coralie