December 11, 2009

~Finding Joy in a Morning Ritual~

Here's the gang from the hilltop hood greeting Freeway this morning! The Australian Shepherd's' live across the street and come by every morning and sit on the front porch waiting...and waiting...and waiting until I let Freeway out. They greet each other.......
(The bigger dog to the right of Freeway is the daddy dog, Chaz.)
Doggy Style...while keeping a fine tuned eye on the surroundings....
(The doggy by Freeway is the mom-Casey)

This is the puppy "Tracy" that was born right after we moved in.
There were 8 puppies in the litter. They kept this little girl for their youngest son. Boy is she a cutie!!

Can you tell that Casey is relaxed?? A morning nap in 2 degrees. Poor Freeway on the other hand gets cold and picks her feet up if she's out too long!

There goes Tracy after Freeway (not shown to the left of the picture) Freeway's not too sure about Tracy, as the pup always wants to kiss her face, and jump all over her. Freeway shows teeth..."Grr..get away kid, I'm busy!" And Tracy does...for a minute. Just like a puppy with an attention span of a gnat!
All of our doggy's wait patiently for the mailman, the trash man, and the UPS guy, each of which carries a big bag of cookies in their vehicles! It's pure joy when a delivery truck starts up the hill!! There is dancing in the street!! AND they follow the trucks from house to house!! It's a SMORGASBORD!!
That's why I love dogs....


  1. What happy, lucky dogs!

    When my son, dog and I moved back to my home town about 12 or so years ago, we moved in with my parents for a bit. My Lucy and my parents dog, Clara, would run the neighborhood daily (we were in the country, so they could do that). Clara would go into open garages and steal shoes. Then poor Lucy would take the shoe from her and end up getting the blame for stealing. Yep, good doggie times!

  2. I'm glad they do get along well and also get along with the mailman and the ups driver. Where I live there is a leash law and no dogs are to run loose like that. Every now and then someone's dog gets loose but we know which neighbors they belong to so we take them home again. My sons and daughter with the big dogs are fortunate to have fenced in yards so the dogs can run and exercise. They all love getting together and playing too...just like a bunch of kids.

  3. Can't even think about being without my fur babies....constant entertainment!!

    Love the pictures!


  4. Such a sweet post! What a fun neighbourhood you live in with so many doggie friends for your Freeway to play with. How fabulous that your mailman, trashman, UPS guy are all dog lovers & carry cookies with them on their routes ♥ I love dogs too!

  5. they're having a blast...thx for sharing!

  6. This was such a fun post. Look at all of your snow!!! Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing this today. Blessings to you!

  7. so cute that Freeway has friends that come to see if she can come out and play!! something with dogs and snow; they like it so much don't they?


  8. Ohh what a cute story. And a real one.

    And glad you're still with internet and power, after the storm. :-)

    Keep warm!

    I guess a lot of us, have to heed that advice. 'Tis cold, in this neck of the woods too.

  9. Lordy it looks frigid there! I think I'll stay in Florida if you don't mind. But the photos are gorgeous. So maybe I'll split the difference and swing by for a visit and some hot coffee.

    When's good for you?

  10. Hey Sharon, you must be the Koolaid
    mom! All your doggy friends are so sweet. Don't you love living where the dogs can enjoy some freedom?

    Thank you for the kindest message that you left me. You are such a sweet heart AND a dear friend.

  11. They are really beautiful dogs.... and boy, you have a lot of snow!!

  12. Dear Sharon, I wish you and your family a very happy christmas time, and may next year brings much happiness, love, joy, good health and tones of love and blessings to you all.
    I apologize for not having the time to visit you as much as I would love, hope you forgive me.
    To see your surroundings with lots of snow is a so beautiful view!! Hope you are warm and safe.
    Muchos cariños
    Maria Cecilia

  13. Love your beautiful Freeway and Friends pictures! You know how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dogs!!! They light up our lives like nothing else! Thanks for sharing, dear Sharon, and have a lovely day! Hugs, Coralie

  14. Hi, Your quilts are so pretty. I am inspired. God bless, and Merry Christmas. Sharon

  15. Greetings Sharon...
    While on holiday , I took a picture of this breed of dog... They are so beautiful and intelligent...

    Your pictures make me want to go romping in the snow with them.... Thank you for sharing..