December 2, 2009

~The Beast~

The Beast
My hubby and the Professor

Paul Bunyan
The might oak has fallen.

This tree was huge! (well, it was really big!)

Look at him go!!

Yesterday, my sweet partner and I chopped an old Oak tree down for our neighbor, we kiddingly call him the professor. (as in Gilligans Island??) The professor has a garage full of inventions, most of which are not Exactly in working order....nonetheless, a great idea~ It's so fun to look at his things that he has put together with old parts of something else, a little glue, and alot of FREE time! You see, the professor is retired...
Anyway he was so kind to help us sheet rock the garage, so my sweetie pie wanted to do something for him. He had this old oak tree that was rotted and half eaten by creatures, and he needed it cut down. So we did that yesterday! We worked from 7:30am to 2:30 in
the afternoon on this tree. BUT...we got it done~ He'll have lots of firewood this year. My husband was raised a mountain man and has been cutting trees for years and years. I, on the other hand am relatively new to this outdoorsy working girl life. But it's wonderful..I am blessed.
As we were laying in bed last night Hubby asked me if I thought we were getting too old for this kind of thing....I told him No..But truly, we had a really hard time to get up and out of bed this morning. Both of us were doing alot of Ohhhh's and Oowwwws!!


  1. But once you got up and the bones and muscles began to warm you were good right? RIGHT? hehehe.

    I could have used that monstrous bad boy chain saw on our bushes. Good lord those were horrible with the little saw we had. Juniper bushes... ugh.

    I love your christmas pillow! Hugs. Tammy

  2. That is a nice chainsaw! It's nice that you let the men play too.

  3. Now Sharon that is one serious chainsaw. I'd be scared to death if my husband was wielding that thing around. I can't believe you could EVEN get out of bed my dear.

  4. My hubby would like to have a "Beast"...but, being a CityBoy...ahhhhh..i don't think so!!

    Your never to old...LindaMay

  5. You all did work hard there for sure I never in my life was young enough to do all that.

  6. So is your husband's name, Jason??????? Where was he on Oct. 31st????? :0


  7. right neighborly of you two...pats on the back (gingerly, tho...dont want to add to your oooh & aahhs)

  8. Ohhhhh "that beast" is lookin' dangerous. And saws can be so.

    But your man is looking mighty hot, wielding it!!!

    I dare you to tell him I said that. >,-) And that I'm a 72 year old 'Nana'!


  9. that did look like a big tree Sharon! I think I would have been sore too after working so diligently for those many hours on it! I've stacked wood before and I know it is very physical work

    great neighbors you and hubby are :)


  10. Boy, do I miss that Paul Bunyun, his Mrs, his dog, and his saw! I will never forget the day I saw that monster saw and all I could think of was the big statue of Paul Bunyun with his huge ax that I saw in Wisconsin as a kid! No one around here can top that one!
    Love ya guys,

  11. HA HA .. I know the feeling..