May 6, 2009


Hello Friends!~Blessings to you on this new day! I was up early and outside taking pictures at dawn...unfortunately, it was a bit too early for photos and this is the only picture that came out with enough light! The early bird???...Hmmmm

Soon it will be time to clean out the storage cabinets, gather my "Stuff" and get ready for the movers. May 18th they will begin packing up, and by May 22nd we will be in our new hilltop home. Hubby is already living there, (with the barest essentials) but I will be joining him once again. It has been lonesome here without him, and this time apart has most assuredly made the "heart grow fonder." He will be home on Thankful Thursday...thankfully! It seems that I am a bit of a disaster when on my own...broke the dishwasher door; the toilet handle; etc....Yikes! I'm like typhoon Betty here. Hee hee! But the end is in sight, and a new beginning is within reach. I am such a "Nester" (as my sweet mom would say) and having some things in one home and others here in this home gives me a suspended feeling, almost like I don't know where my nest is. It'll be over soon...
Well, I'm off to mow the yard after some breakfast~the rain is moving in fast, and I don't dare let the grass go another day. Blessings for a wonderful day!


  1. I seem to be a wrecking ball when my hubby is away pic thx for sharing..have a great day

  2. I have always dreaded the "suspension" feeling during moves. I'm more of the wait to the last minute to pack and move in hours. Lets just say we only pay for one day on our uhaul whenever we have moved. I don't like change when it comes to my personal homestead. I know what your feeling all to well as i'm still coming out of boxes. Soon enough you'll be with your hubs and sending us pics of your new place. How exciting. Can't wait to see them.

    For now, just take time out for a cup of tea or lemondaid and enjoy the downtime before the rush.

  3. Sharon we are moving almost the same days. Our packers come on the 19th and we load the truck on the 21st. I'll be thinking of you as I'm doing it too.

  4. What excitement, you new home, hubby back near your side ... and, FUN DECORATING! You are going to have a great time when this is all over & settled.

    It took me years to get over not moving every other year or so (Navy wife) ... & we've been 24 years ... loving every minute of it. I only allowed myself 1 week to empty boxes & get settled in ... & I always made it.

    Happy moving, reuniting & new home.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Just think of how much fun it will be to decorate your new home!

  6. What pretty flowers! Great looking gardens.
    That's a bummer to have broken appliances and no man around to fix them.
    I've been busy busy busy. Lots of sports and school things going on. Only 2 weeks of school left and then things should slow down. Haven't had any time to sew.
    Take care!

  7. Sharon,
    Moving is so exciting...once you are there. In the meantime, it always made me feeling uncertain. Yet, with each move the Lord gave me lots of new friends and places to explore. It's a brand new beautiful chapter of your life.

  8. its always a good feeling when a move is over :) its good that you have packers coming and people moving you; that is a big help for sure!!! that was a beautiful picture with love/hope/peace/joy; wonderful things to possess knowing our Lord :)


  9. i love that first photograph. good luck moving! i remember how fun it was to pack everything up...