May 1, 2009

Happy May Day Friends~

Happy May Day! Does May Day bring back youthful memories to you? I remember May Day oh so well! I attended a Catholic School as a child, and each May 1st we would go outside to the enormous statue of the Virgin Mary, at the base of which was a pole tied with many colored strands of crepe paper. We would each take one strand and dance around the statue singing and laughing! What fun! Then we would retreat into the classroom to begin the construction of our May Baskets. Scissors cutting~colorful paper flying about, pieces covering the floor of the room. Singing~Guitar playing by Sister Claret (aka Sister Carrot) She was truly the original Singing Nun :-) We would work most of the day on our Beautiful Creations taking just enough time to eat our lunches, then right back at it, all the time chatting about who we would bestow our Masterpieces upon. In the end of course, we each loved our own baskets so very much, and wanted to keep them with us, that most of us decided that our mothers should be the recipient. And so, every year my mother received a crafty, handmade, rather crude-but colorfully cute May Basket. My flowers are just beginning to bloom so I ran out before the rain to capture the beautiful colors of May for you! A little robin came to visit me this day~I caught him looking!!
Blessing to you on this Lovely May Day!


  1. May Day always reminds me of my parochial upbringing and church with the nuns. I remember the ribbons were so bright and all differents colors. Memories.. good things.

    It's been so wet and rainy here for what seems for days and days. My plants and flowers will like it but i'm so over it now!! My lilac tree I bet has grown a foot since going in the ground.

    How's your packing coming. Time is closing in eh? It will be worth it in the end!!

  2. I love may day.. I left you some flowers on my sight..hehe..
    As a kid I would go to the woods and gather up spring flowers and put them in a hand made cone. Take them to my old neighbors house. Tie them on her door. Ring the door bell and run.
    Never did ribbons.

  3. OH Thank you for the beautiful May day gift ... Your lovely story pictures landed straight into my heart.