May 7, 2009

~Wise Old Willow~

This old Willow Tree stands in our yard, broken limbs, great big bulges sticking out at every side, bent and gnarly too. This Great old dame was here before any of the homes, and some of the home date to the 60's, which may or may not be that old to some, but to this lady 40 years has left its mark on every single square inch of wood. My husband and I have such a love for this tree, we have had her treated for carpenter ants, fertilized her for 12 years, cut off most of the dead branches, although there are new ones each year. We hoped to be able to save her so that she would stand for another 40 years...and perhaps she will. As you near the tree, you can smell the musty smell of her old wood, and when it rains very hard the bottom of her trunk sits in water briefly. She has had raccoons and squirrels living up in her branches, and when we first got our dog Freeway, she used to jump up in that tree and look around! Blue Jays, Robins, mean old Blackbirds, and sparrows take refuge in her wonderful arms. Occasionally the neighbors kitty sits up in the ole' gal preening, perhaps trying to catch a bird. Every year, I wait for spring to see if she will emerge from yet another frozen, harsh winter~and she does. Bless this wonderful wise old willow, with all of her bumps and scars, saggy trunk and wrinkles she truly is Magnificent!


  1. The only thing missing from that there willow is you and your hubs sitting in adarondack chairs underneath her!!

  2. I miss Harry's (across the street) old willow. For 20 years that tree notified us with that first sweet lime green that spring was coming. The year that Harry decided to move, the willow decided to die.

    I think Tammy is right, but I see old wicker beneath her arms ...

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. I bet you will miss that old tree when you move :(

    thanks for sharing your memories of it with us :)