March 23, 2009

~We Found the Perfect Home!~

Not Too Big~Not Too Small~

Wrap Around Porch in Rear!

On Top of a Hill Overlooking the Farmlands of Iowa. It's a Spectacular Panoramic View!

Wood Floors

Entry Way

View from Backyard

Very Country 2 Acres!

Hello Friends! I'm so happy to be back!! All of my needless worrying..gone. The Lord prepared the way for us to find the perfect home. I looked at so many homes, and this one welcomed me with a peaceful, serene feeling the minute I crossed the threshold into the home. It sits on top of a hill about 10 minutes outside of the town. I have two acres, and three neighbors. One of the neighbors (across the street) has a large horse ranch that takes up most of the acreage. There are two homes on either side (a nice distance away) and the view from the back porch is Stunning! The inside is so beautiful with windows everywhere that lights up the home with a lovely glow! A bright light home. The kitchen and breakfast room is an entire wall of windows facing the view. It's lovely! You are viewing the home now, in winter; but in the spring and summer the trees are green and the grass is lush. The sky is forever out here! It reminds me of Montana. We are so happy and pleased with our new home, I can hardly wait to move!! The floor plan is open and airy with vaulted ceilings~and I even have a perfect sewing room with shelves built in the closet for fabric. (the lady that owned the home was a quilter) Thank you Lord! The Lord is Great! How could I have doubted?
This leaves me with my home to sell, and I will not doubt that this will happen. I will pray for faith, and forgiveness for not believing that my life is in the hands of the Lord, that the Father has a plan for my life as a child of the Living God, and that even the smallest details are looked after and fulfilled by my Creator.
I would like to thank you so much for your prayers, and continued prayers for this wonderful adventure that we are on.
I must mention also that the people of Marshalltown are so welcoming, and friendly. I was overwhelmed at the kindness of strangers during my stay there. What a Lovely Town!!


  1. How fabulous! Looks like the perfect home. And what a great view and yard. You sure were blessed in finding it. I bet you can't wait to see what flowers come up and where you can plant new things. How fun! Happy packing! And I'll keep praying for a buyer for your old house.


  2. Kind'a proves..."Trust in the Lord" for all those non-believers out there....Comgrats!!

    Emjoy your week.....LindaMay

  3. The house is really, really lovely, Sharon. Godspeed the sale of your house!

  4. looks awesome, Sharon!! wow 2 acres!!!! lots of room to explore and enjoy!! sounds like a great place the Lord found for you!


  5. Congrats on finding your dream house. It looks so beautiful!

  6. Congratulations on your new home. We just moved into a very small cottage ourselves. IT is enough for us and i'm thrilled to know that for the next few years we'll be renovating it. I hope you find much joy within the walls of your new place.

  7. How wonderful Sharon! It looks gorgeous! I am sooo happy for you!!!

  8. Your new home looks divine, and I'll bet you're going to have lots of fun decorating and putting things away (always the best part of a move IMO)!

  9. This looks so beautiful. The perfect home. I will say a prayer that you move goes smoothly and you are settled in your new home soon.
    Blessings, Karen

  10. Oh, God totally ROCKS!!! That house is so perfect it made me cry. Good for you, Sharon! Can't wait to see how you set it up.

  11. Sharon! You new home is simply gorgeous my friend! I am more happy for you than I can say! God is so good and blessed you over and over again!

    I can hardly wait to see all your touches and personality come spilling out! Do share, OK?

    Love your latest orchid, too! I can't grow ANYTHING well. So depressing!

    Blessings to you girlfriend. Wish your new home was in Oklahoma and we could visit in person!


  12. Beautiful home and gardens. Nice job.

  13. Hello,
    Catching up on blog friends. Just got back from vacation and then my mom needed me so I haven't been on the computer for awhile..
    I love you home.. glad you are happy,