March 15, 2009

~Bubbles From Rachel~

I just got in this Adorable Rachel Ashwell Bubble Fabric! Isn't it just Way Too Cute? Perfect for Baby Boy Rag Quilts. Soft Pastel Blue Cotton with Whimsical Bubbles in a variety of colors. I have been so busy with my moving adventure that I have neglected my sewing. I missed it so much, as sewing is such a comfort to me, a challenge for sure, but it brings me such pleasure. I turn the music on, and sew away!! My current favorite is, Micheal Buble', "It's Time." What wonderful songs, a fabulous voice. These songs remind me of my childhood as my parents listened to all of these recordings. They are such tender, sweet memories.
This quilt is made with a layer of white flannel, and a layer of blue flannel (on the bottom) I love the puffy ragging, and the bubbles are so much fun!!
I will be going to Iowa to look for a new home this coming week. I know my Lord has a perfect place for us, and I am so excited to see it! Thank you friends for your encouragement with this move, I feel completely at ease, and looking forward to a new adventure. I love the Midwest, although I am from Southern California, and I feel so Blessed and So Grateful that we will be staying in the Midwest. The Lord is guiding us step by step, his hand on our shoulder, and one footprint ahead.
I will take my trusty camera, and when I find our new home I will post some pictures for you. Happy Blessed Sunday!


  1. Love the new quilt....i've yet to try a rag quilt,...but, it's on my list....
    Good luck with the house hunt!!


  2. Ohhhhhh, how cute! Lovely fabric. You always do such a good job.


  3. Such an adorable quilt Sharon! Love the playful bubbles! The rag work makes it look sooo inviting to snuggle up under! Happy house hunting!
    Can't wait to see what you find!

  4. that is beautiful fabric! soon you'll all be settled into your new home and sewing contentedly away; I do believe the Lord has a wonderful place picked out for you and I'm sure an awesome new church too!