March 17, 2009

~I've Met An Angel...And She Paints!~

I received this beautiful handpainted card and journal page in the mail yesterday! A Gift from the most Divinely Inspired Artist KarenHarveyCox
Karen's Talent knows no bounderies, she is an Artist, an Author, a Photographer, a Wife and Mom, and she is an Angel to me! She is a kind and gentle woman filled with the Sweet Giving Spirit of Our Lord. She is Truly I am for knowing her! Karen has a unique ability to create a work of Art that is not only asthetically beautiful, but also carries within it an message of Peace, Serenity, and Grace beyond measure. Every piece tells a story of a Remarkable Woman and her walk with the Lord~by her side, each step of the way~guiding her hands to reveal the beauty of life.
So, thank you Karen Harvey Cox for these Wonderful gifts that I will treasure always. God Bless You Friend!

1 comment:

  1. I do admire her style. Lucky you to have those pieces from her!