March 28, 2009

"Spring Comes in like a Lion....."

Magnificent Perfection~~~
A Side View of the Eight Blossoms!!!

Do you remember at Christmas I posted pictures of my orchid? Well, here is the sister orchid to the other one. This one has EIGHT Beautiful Blossoms on it! Lovely! What a wonder are they! I had so hoped to post some pictures of my budding garden today, but BRRRRRR! It's too cold. We are to expect up to 8 inches of snow today and tonight! Eight inches the last week in March!! So I'm very content to bring you my latest orchid photos. (smiles) Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with warmth, and lots of love!! Blessings~


  1. Sharon! They are just gorgeous!!!!
    How's the packing going?


  2. oooohhhhh so pretty. Breathtaking!

  3. Absolutely stunning, Sharon! You are an orchid-whisperer!

  4. beautiful orchids! I remember that old saying "March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb" or "March comes in like a lamb goes out like a lion" 8 inches of snow! the good thing is spring snow sometimes don't stick around that long and you always hope that one is the last one for the season

    take care of yourself Sharon!


  5. What a gorgeous orchid. This is probably the only flower that I have never painted. It is so intricately designed, it is truly a challenge to capture this lovely in watercolor or oil. Your photograph is gorgeous!!

  6. Girl! You not only have a quilt thumb but also a green thumb! Beeeeuuuuuttttiful!!!!!!!!
    Bet you are busting a move right now. Good luck my dear sweet friend!

  7. Visions of Hawaii & these gorgeous beauties that grow freely over there ... takes me back to my tropical life years ago. Come join me in my blog ... I sure enjoy yours.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by. Yes moving is one big chore that's for sure. I cannot for the life of me understand parents that would let there child eat cheetos while looking at your home. There the worst for stains that's for sure. So many people now a days have no respect for people homes & property. What are they teaching there children? Good luck on selling your home. That's a big stress so I will be praying for you. Thanks for all your encourgeing words. God bless Pearl

  9. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by. How gorgeous is this orchid. I'm just learning to grow them so I hope one day to have one as gorgeous as this! By the way I live in Washinton state!

  10. Do share you secret for growing such beautiful flowers. I've told you before I kill everything. It is sooooo depressing! :(