March 8, 2009

~Words of Encouragement~They Mean So Much~

Hello Everyone!! Yes, I'm still standing and working my fingers to the bone....moving!! The relocation company will actually move all of our things for us, but I have spent two weeks just un-cluttering the house!! Yikes..I guess that tells you something about me?? Okay, I prefer to think of myself as a COLLECTOR rather than a CLUTTER-BUG! (smiles) My mom's dearest friend Ruth wrote me the most encouraging and inspiring note the other day. Bless you Ruth! Truly you are the wind beneath my wings!! It is such a blessing to have dear friends. Thank you Rebecca, & of course Dear Karen. I really don't know what I'd do without you. My special friend Betty, thank you for your kinds words sweet dear lady. Everytime I get on overload, I quick go to my inbox, and it never fails...a word that I needed to hear. Thank you Sandy, you're so funny and such a delight! Well, I'm off to my sadly neglected sewing room for a little fun before bedtime. God Bless you one and all for supporting me through this incredibly difficult, but exciting adventure. Hugs~Sharon
Also, please say a prayer for Dear Joni of Blue Plum Shop She is the most Darling Lady! She will be going into surgery in the morning, and needs a blessing. Thank you ever so much.


  1. you are so welcome Sharon! I believe the Lord has laid these kind words on our hearts to share with you because of his great love for you!

    so glad the company is moving you! That is a big blessing in itself!


  2. Sharon,

    Moving is such a disruption, yet when everything is finished and neatly packed into boxes for the move, you feel free. I love that about moving, it forces you to discard things that are unnecessary and embrace treasures. Reminding you just how blessed you are. Once you are there, you will have a brand new adventure of favorite part.

    Sharon I have moved 28 times, and I am not kidding. Eight times since I am married to my husband. We moved twice to different countries for his work. I loved every minute of it. Moving makes you reinvent yourself and learn bits of you, that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.


  3. I can't imagine moving. Too much junk (I mean TREASURES).

  4. Oh, it is hard to leave home. Blessings to you during this process. You will have fun getting to know your new home. I can't wait to hear all about it...