March 2, 2011

Knitting Ocean Waves!

Hello Everyone!! Well I have begun a new shawl-this is the most beautiful shades of blue, purple and green. It reminds me of Ocean Waves. I found this wonderful Knit Shop in Ames, IA., called Rose Tree Fiber Shop . Oh my goodness you would not believe the Fab Fiber in Stock! Some of the Extraordinary Yarn in this store comes from locals in this area. I can't tell you how beautiful these yarns are!! The proprietor is the Most Adorable Lady, Rosemary Heideman, and what a story she has to tell about how she came to be in the Fiber business! She really is such a Darling Lady. Follow my link to her store and read about Rosemary in the about me section on the web page. What a Hoot! She was in our local paper not long ago which lead me to her store. You really must meet this Queen of Roses! Anyway, back to the story....Rosemary had this yarn spun, dyed by a local woman and it is Beautiful! It's chunky, then thinner, then thin, oh my! A Rainbow it even has PINK TINSEL spun into it! Wow!'s my new shawl with some of that yarn. I will post the finish product soon...Knit one...purl two...knit one..............Hugs!

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  1. How lovely! The colors are like the ocean and I do love the beach. We don't have any thing like that store around here so I'm limited to JoAnn Fabrics for my yarn but I have found some that really makes for some nice shawls. It is fun working with colors and the textures of something like you've found. I'll have to check out the link you gave.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!