March 7, 2011

~Robins & Tidepools~

Good morning all! I looked out the window this morning and in between the snowflakes I saw that the Robins have returned! Oh my goodness and there were so many of these beautiful little birds~I would not be exaggerating if I said 100 robins on the lawn trying hard to find a frozen morsel in the grass. It is a day to rejoice! Even though it is still cold, still snowing, and not at all spring-like, the Robins give me a feeling of hopefulness and excitement that Spring is just around the corner. I wanted so much to share this beautiful sight with you but....the day was too dark and gloomy for a good photo. So....I decided instead to show you the new shawl! It is finished and I think it looks so pretty! I call it "Tidepools." It makes me think of the Caribbean blue waters. I could use a vacation to the islands right about now! I'm off to search for more Robins!! Happy Monday!! Oh yes, next weekend is Daylight Savings Time!!!! Spring Forward All!! Hugs & Blessings

1 comment:

  1. Birds of a feather do flock together and Robins like being with their flock. We have them here at my house but not in the numbers you have. I love your tidepools. The colors are gorgeous! Enjoy your Monday!